Tourism, a rapidly growing industry with maximum profit rate and job opportunity

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In this 21st century, the global economy is driven mainly by 3 major sectors of industry namely the tourism, technology and telecommunication. Out of these 3 major industrial sectors, tourism is one of the best and rapidly growing sectors in the world. Tourism being an industry which includes a collection of attractions, accommodations, entertainment, transportations, business, eating and drinking, establishments of a number of retail shops, and other hospitality services is the only industrial sector that provides the public and the unemployed with a maximum job opportunity. Among all the states in India, Kerala is a small state which is located at the southernmost tip of India which has now taken great advantage of the tourism sector and the immense opportunity that comes with it in developing the economy and the lifestyle of the people. With the rapid development in the tourism sectors, there has been a great increase in the rate at which domestic and foreign tourist visits the land, mostly with families. Taking advantage of this changing trend a number of tour operators like Gogeo Holidays now provide the tourist with the best-facilitated tour packages allowing the tourist to enjoy the most comforting stay in the land known as gods own country with minimum travel cost. With a new wave of change hitting the tourism department of Kerala the rate of families visiting the place have doubled as compared to the past years, to keep up with this changing trend the tourism department of Kerala have put in a number of attractive and cheap Kerala tour packages for family. With the increase in the number of families visiting the land, there had been an increase in the profit rate of accommodation, retail and hospitality sectors of the land.

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Tourism is not just an industry that provides profit to the well-established sectors of the land but is an industry which helps in providing an income to the jobless and uneducated in the land. Kerala tourism is one of the major sectors which directly and indirectly help in providing a living to the common, jobless and uneducated category of people. A large number of the self-employed group like fishermen, drivers, small-scale retail shops, craftsmen, etc are now employed and earn profit from this field of industry. Responsible tourism is one such category of tourism that is now trending in the field of tourism, mainly backwater tourism which allows the self-employed and small-scale sectors mainly coir industry, spice and handicraft industries of the land with an opportunity to do something new to earn a living. A number of foreign families visit the place to enjoy the flavour of responsible tourism in the land and to learn ways in which beautiful handicraft materials are made with natural materials like coconut shell, leaf and much more. Apart from responsible tourism Kerala government has put forward a number of other tourism like farm tourism, photographic tourism, seasonal tourism and much more. The tourism trends in Kerala changes greatly with time and seasons what remains static in the land is the increase in the number of tourism mostly families visiting the land. With the increasing number of families visiting the land during special seasons like Onam, Christmas, and more, travel operators put in new seasonal family holiday packages to Kerala which would greatly influence the seasonal tourism in the land. Tourism is highly labour oriented and an important source of employment. By developing the tourism department it is not just a state that would benefit but it would help greatly in the growth of the economy of the country as a whole.

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