Tanzania Safari With Meru Mountain Treks and Safaris Ltd!

APR 21,2013 - APR 23,2013 (3 DAYS)

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Tarangire, Ngorongoro and Lake Manyara



It has taken me over 3 weeks to talk about my " Big Five" expedition in Tanzania with Meru Mountain Treks and Safaris ltd. I must say that personally I had a superb tour! Mfuwe, and Stephen , thanks a lot for your help before my trip and am glad I saw the big 5 :), but the Leopard was a little far though. Right from the beginning, Mr Naseeb and his friend Smiles acted and executed their services like the professionals they're and the driver (Richie) and cook (Armani) aren't left out. It's very weird that all I ever wanted was to see the big 5 but as most guys on here told me to stop basing my mind on seeing the big 5 and that really help me focus more on the fun and experience than my notion of seeing the big 5 as they're known.

I joined a group of 4 (2 Germans, 1 Swedish and a French) for my African expedition. We began the trip at 8:45 for a drive to Tarangire which took us about 2 hours, not sure about that since I dosed for a while. In Tarangire, had a great lunch from our lunch pack with all these fellows (monkeys) stirring at us. After an hour, we left for the big deal. Did a full day game drive where I saw the Elephants and Lions in their little numbers, a lonely rhino and so many zebras, different bird species, bizarre mammals, some buffalos, numberous wildbeest.... even trees after which we drove to our campsite (Haven nature) followed by rain. After our early morning breakfast we drove to Ngorongoro, spent an hour or a little less than that I should say and damn, what a view of the crater. My face almost turned blue because this is the park my heart stop beating when the first animal I witnessed in a short distance was the Leopard. From there, I knew that my trip was simply over. The driver immediately turned and stirred at me with a little smile on his face as to say, I think you owe me something. I saw some cheetahs later in the day, elephants, about 2 to 3 lions, but it really didn't matter because my dream had come true in just 2 days of a 3days trip. Lake Manyara was very sweet (too many bufallos, wildbeests, zebras and birds and a very beautiful view of the lake crowned it all, but I did not need it though, but had no choice, I paid for it.


Armani the chef provided delicious and balanced meals every day and was very quick in setting up, breaking down the tents and packing up stuffs daily in the vehicle. He always asked our opinion before cooking and made sure that everyone ate to their satisfaction. The accommodations were wonderful and the tents in very good condition.


The car was in perfect condition, very comfortable with proper seats, and a pop off roof and to crown it all, the driver, (Richie), was truly an experienced and big time professional, who stopped at nothing to make sure we got what we paid for. What I appreciate the most was his composure when it came to explaining certain details about the fauna and flora. He was extremely skilled at spotting animals.

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