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IPAC Specialized Packing LLC has been providing crating services, securement and industrial packaging services for over 30 years in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
We are committed to provide each customer with unsurpassed packaging products and wood crating services to exceed their expectations. We are dedicated to customer service, bringing an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of packing to every project.
Our staff is trained to professionally package your products and address any and all unexpected on-site job conditions.
IPAC Specialized Packing LLC provides you the confidence of knowing that your product will reach its destination in good condition.


Contact Us:

IPAC Specialized Packing LLC
P.O.Box 44291, Salam Street Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates.
Phone: +971 2 676 93 07
Fax:+971 2 676 93 08

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