Our Alaskan Adventure

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OK.  Ken has spent months preparing for this trip, searching sites, reading books, talking to anyone that will talk back and putting it together.  Ken has also been working on some external renovations.  Due to weather delays, we still have a half built fence, terracing and mud where lawn was anticipated.  

I've been getting on with our normal world.  Ferrying kids where they need to go.  Working. Cooking. Cleaning. Organising all of us from day to day.  But.  This time next Saturday we will be on the plane traveling from Sydney to Vancouver.  The start of 6 weeks away from the normality that is daily life.  This week there is much to be done.  More to fit in than there is time available but by next Friday it will be behind us and the journey will have commenced.

The Travellers....

Ken.  Retirement dream to travel to Alaska.  Fly fishing addict.  Nature lover.  Twitcher.  Sponge for information and new experiences.

Nette (That's me) -  ever loving wife.  works as an Occupational Therapist.

Emily - Daughter -14- main concern is accessing wifi to stay connected with her social network in Port Macquarie.  Will most miss her piano  and the family dogs.Rachel - Daughter - 12- main concern - how many books can I take.  Turn the page books - not downloaded books.  Will most miss .....

Extras in our clan.

Gloria - Mum, Inlaw and Nanny to the above.

Florrie - Gloria's sister...

Lynda - friend..


Alaska was always Ken's retirement dream.  Once this was shared with our children, it was then shared with everyone and I think that helped make it a reality.

Once we started talking about it the extras all asked to be included - so here we are, under a week until we are on the plane!

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