Kochi- The romantic paradise where nature and beauty cherish

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A girl would have a varied idea of a married life and a honeymoon. Like every other girl is too had great expectations of my honeymoon after marriage. After getting married to Allen we shifted to Mumbai, one of the busiest cities in India. I was a person who was totally in love with nature and greenery, but unfortunately, I was rooted to one of the most populated cities with least greenery and vegetation. It was one of my greatest wish to visit Kerala, a state to the south known for its natural beauty and vegetation. It was on the 14th of December that this dream of mine finally came into reality. On the 11th of December Allen availed one of the best tour packages to Kerala which was organized and arranged by Le Lagoon Holidays. One of the main reasons for Allen to choose a tour package was because it was one of the beat and easiest way in which you could enjoy a hassle-free holiday. On the 14th of December, we reached the Mumbai airport by 6 am; we were welcomed by the tour operators in Mumbai who helped us greatly with the baggage. After a flight of about 3 hrs, we finally reached the Cochin international airport by 9 am. At the airport, we met with the organizers who introduced us to the guide who would help us to tour the area. From the airport, we hired a taxi to the hotel

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On the way to the hotel, we stopped in between to have the breakfast. After about a drive of 2hrs, we finally reached the hotel which was pre-booked for us. The hotel was located in the heart of the city Kochi, so as to have an easy access to most of the vegetative tourist destination in the land. Kochi was a city with great beauty and well-known destinations among honeymooners. This is one of the main reasons for us to choose Koch as our honeymoon destination. After refreshing, we decided to start our tour of the day. According to the plans, we were to visit some of the vegetative destinations in the city like the Mangalavanam bird sanctuary, Illikkal Kallu and finally the most popular destination in Koch the marine drive. We started our tour of the city by around 12.30pm, after driving for about 20 min we finally reached our first destination the Mangalavanam bird sanctuary. Located inside the court premises the sanctuary was one of the best spots for honeymooners and couples where they could enjoy the silence and nature. We reached the place by about 1 pm. The sanctuary was under the Kerala government which houses a wide variety of migratory birds. One of the main things that attracted me to the place was the tree house from where you could enjoy a perfect view of the place. Completely filled with mangroves the place filled with greenery and is rich in vegetation. After being in the place for a while we moved on to our next destination, Illikkal Kallu.

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Located at a distance of about an hour from the bird sanctuary, Illikkal Kallu is one of the best spots where you could enjoy nature at its best. We reached the place by about 3.30pm. The place is one of the most visited by couples and honeymooners due to its location far from the city and its notice. The place is very silent with rich greenery and river. The place was good for trekking as there were a number of trails. One of the main attractions of the place was the river that was flowing over the rocks. Apart from the beauty of the river, the thick forest adds up to the beauty of the place. We chose to bath in the waters for a while and then took rest in the bamboo huts. From the place, we left to our next destination by 5.30pm.
After a ride for an hour, we finally reached our last destination of the day the marine drive. Unlike Mumbai, the marine drive in Koch was filled with beauty and a number of small stalls which added to the beauty of the place. The Marine drive in Koch could be better explained as a perfect destination for honeymooners and couples who would love to spend the evening by enjoying the beauty of the sunset. We decided to sit there for a while enjoying the beautiful sunset and the romantic ambiance of the place. Even after being in the middle of the city, the place had a unique and peaceful atmosphere which made the place different from that in Mumbai. After enjoying the beautiful sunset we decided to get back to the hotel. After driving for another 30 min we finally reached the hotel by 9 pm. After refreshing and spending some moments with each other we decided to have the dinner. After having the dinner we reached back to the room by 10.30pm. As we were tired from the tour we decided to sleep without wasting much time.

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The next day morning we woke up at around 10 am. After refreshing and having the complimentary breakfast we decided to check out of the hotel and continue our trip of the last day in the place. After checking out and meeting the guide he explained us with the route map of the day, as per the plan we didn’t have many places to visit as it was our last day in the place and we had a flight to catch back to Mumbai by evening. We started our trip to our next destination, Cherai Beach by around 12 pm. After traveling for about an hour we finally reached our 1st destination of the day the Cherai beach which was better known as one of the most beloved beaches in Kerala. It is mostly said that the beauty and tranquillity of the beach attracts a number of travelers mostly couples and honeymooners into the land. One of the main elements that I found attracting was the silence and the peacefulness of the place which was really something that the traveler from a place like Mumbai would love to enjoy. Apart from the silence and peacefulness, the place houses a number of paddy fields and coconut plantations which add up to the beauty of the place. After spending about a while in the place we decided to end the tour as it was already late. After traveling from the beach for about 2 hrs we finally reached back to the Kochi international airport by around 5.30pm. Our flight back home was scheduled for 8.30pm, after waiting in the terminal for a while we finally boarded the flight by around 8.30 pm and reached back home by around 11 pm.
Kerala is a land with destination mostly known for its ambiance and climate houses a number of honeymoon destinations which provide the travelers with the best-facilitated trip. Most of the destinations in Kerala being mostly visited by honeymooners and couples are now a prominent tourist destination in most sought honeymoon packages by orators from Kerala. With a number of top station and hills covered in the clouded mist is now one of the best destinations to visit for couples and honeymooners who wish to explore the beauty of the place could visit the state filed with spice, mist, and attractions that are very valuable which it must be cherished. I and Allen had a wonderful time here and hope to revisit this amazing nature destination next vacation. This is one of our clients experience with by availing our economical Kerala Tour Package.

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