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JAN 16,2012 - JAN 19,2012 (4 DAYS)

Hong Kong



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I had the chance to visit Hong Kong in the middle of a trip to China.

What made a huge difference for me is that a close friend of mine had lived in Hong-Kong for 5 years, so I arrived with a list of things to do.

In general, I fell in love with Hong-Kong. Compared to China it was very easy to get around and communicate, and the weather in January was a shelter from several weeks of Chinese mainland cold.


The Peak (3 hours)

Probably the most toured attraction in Hong-Kong, the peak is definetly a MUST. Take the peak tram up for a lesson in history (and physics).

It is highly recommended to save this attraction for a good weather day - the view from the top is astonishing.

All details can be found here: http://www.thepeak.com.hk/en/


Lan Kwai Fong hotel

We stayed at "Lan Kwai Fong hotel" - located at "Kau U Fong 3" (There are several locations).

A friend from Hong-Kong reccomended the hotel -mostly because of its great location. It's very central and close to the nightlife scene and public transportation.



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The Hong Kong Jockey Club (an evening)

I have never been into horse racing, so when I got this tip I was sceptical - but it turned out to be awesome!

Apart from horse racing there are stands with local food, music, beers, and a great party atmosphere.

When I was there this evening occurs only once a week so check when it happens and don't miss it!


Spectacular View +  Drinks From The Aqua Bar

We caught the "Star Ferry" to Kowloon (The other side of the harbour), and walked around till evening time. 

The bar is on the 30th floor and has a giant window wall which provides a great skyline view. The bar is a bit posh and pricy but the view and atmosphere are worth it.

http://www.hongkongbarsclubs.com/tsim-sha-tsui/aqua-spirit-bar.html  The address is: 1 Peking Rd, Hong Kong

Star Ferry - http://www.starferry.com.hk/

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If you need a reminder of how busy Hong-Kong, and you are in the mood for walking in crowded markets you should visit here.

Try out the ladies market: http://www.discoverhongkong.com/au/see-do/highlight-attractions/top-10/ladies-market.jsp

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