First week in our new home in Quetzaltenango

MAR 15,2013 - (0 DAYS)






We arrived at the town of Quetzaltenango, also known in short as Xela, on a Saturday evening. On Sunday we had a day to relax and get to know the town before our Spanish lessons started. We study the language in a small school called El Portal, which was founded by a charming woman called Paula. All the profit from the school go to the local community. The classes are held Monday to Friday, and we live with a local family, that by chance or not, Paula’s family.

The family includes the grandma, Mimi (who is younger than both Shahars mother and mine), Paula, who is Mimi’s daughter, and Stephaney, Paula’s daughter, a 13 years old girl with a devastating smile. and there are 3 other cute young girl walking about, that we don’t really know how they fit in the picture…

In the house we have a room on the ground floor, near the kitchen and the dining room – the most important places in every house. The shower, which is on the top floor, is shared by all the residents. Breakfast is served at 7:30 in the morning, and after we eat we walk to the school (10 minutes walk), and almost always arrive late… school ends at 12:50, and on 13:00 sharp grandma Mimi is already waiting with the table all set up for lunch (I have to admit I can get use to it). Dinner is served at 20:00, and until then we have time to go over our classes, walk around the town, go to one of the school activities or volunteer.

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A local woman in the central park of the town

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