Escape to the corals and pebbles of Andaman beaches

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Striding through the beaches of Andaman, the travelers get to see beautified beaches in the destination which has corals and pebbles. And the main factor which makes it different from the rest of them is that they are always kept clean. On coming on an Incredible Andaman Nicobar tour package the tourists get to see the reality behind scenery and paintings of beaches. The place is usually filled with tourists from various parts of the world.

There are a lot of beaches located at Andaman Island. Each Island has its own beaches. But the people residing here, who fall into the category of tribes, do not allow tourists or any other people to enter the premises of the Islands in which they stay due to which the travelers can only go to the 36 Islands which are open for exploration. The most famous beach located here is the Radhanagar Beach which has been considered as one of the most beautiful beaches located in the whole of Asia. The major beauty of this beach is that the sand on the shore is white and the water is crystal clear turquoise which makes it a beach favorite to all the people. More than 20 renowned beaches are located in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands which remain busy during the holiday season. There are a number of hotels as well as resorts located on the shores here where the travelers get to stay viewing the moonlit beaches.

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Other sights which the people should never miss on coming into this Island are the dolphins and dugong. Siting dolphins are easy as it can be seen anywhere in the world. But when it comes to dugongs, they are exclusive to the Andaman Islands. But it is a factor of luck if a tourist gets to site one of these. Dugongs are also the official animals of the Island. Robber crabs, which can be sited at the South Sentinel Island are also exclusive to this place. It is one of the largest living arthropods which are also known as coconut crabs. They crawl on the shores of the Island which in fact ignites the shots from an animated jungle movie. Another specialty of the place is the turtles. Even though the people get to see turtles in their natives, the ones they get to see here are humongous ones which are large beyond imagination.

People must never miss on doing underwater activities on being here. They get to dive into these beaches where they get to see the beauty of the corals and the fishes that stay in the water. Various activities are possible here like Snorkeling. Scuba diving, underwater walking and glass bottom rides. Even though these activities are possible at metropolis cities like Mumbai and Chennai, people can only do it in customized pools and water parks. But on coming on an Attractive Andaman tour package from Mumbai and other places, they get to see the reality beneath a sea. Also, the beaches here are kept clean and hygienic unlike those in the cities which seem to be brown of pollution.

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Another fascinating thing, the tourists love to do on the shores of the coral and pebble beaches are spending time in the cafes and restaurants that are located there. As the people from different places reach here, all sort of food is available to the people who want to enjoy different cuisines. Hence they get to enjoy in the destination with a fulfilled stomach as well. But the people should surely have the seafood which is being served here if they are fond of it as freshly cooked fish reaches the people. It is served in various styles to the people as per their preference as all the recipes are made for the people.

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