A Thailand Escapade In 15 Days

OCT 17,2012 - NOV 01,2012 (16 DAYS)


This is a work in progress. Bare with me, its a lot to type!

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After a nasty break up with my girlfriend of 4 years, I decided it was time to get away from New Zealand and spread my wings a bit. I had seen the movie The Beach more times than I could count on two hands and I had a fascination with the tropical paradise island they inhabited. Phuket, Thailand would be my destination. I wanted to find The Beach. I needed an adventure and Thailand didn't disappoint.




Personally, I found the cheapest and most stressfree way to see Thailand, especially the islands, is to do a tour or a Contiki. I decided to go with the Thai Island Hopper West, which included my tropical island paradise, Koh Phi Phi (Maya Beach)




Arriving at Phuket International Airport (HKT) after an 11 hour flight to Bangkok, a 3 hour stopover then a further 2 hour flight with zero sleep at 12:30am was interesting. I managed to zombie my way through Customs to the baggage carousel, where I found my bags after waiting 20 minutes for them to start unloading the aircraft. First thing on my mind was to find a Thai Simcard so I could post the obligatory Facebook "Im here wow its amazing" post. Less importantly, contact my family to say I hadn't crashed on arrival. I found a small corner mart in the far side of the airports foyer. It cost me 600 Baht for a Simcard, preloaded with credit and 1GB of data, which to me seemed reasonable. Although i'm pretty sure she jipped me. In the rush to get out of the airport and into a taxi, I managed to leave my bag in the small mart in the corner of the airport. Worse yet, I didn't realise until I arrived in Patong, which to anyone familiar with Phuket, is about 45 minutes drive from the airport. My taxi driver, who I had awkwardly shared a beer and a broken english conversation with on the drive to the resort, offered to drive me back to the airport and back to the resort again for 1000 Baht all up. I was in no position to barter and accepted his offer. Fatigue was really kicking in at this stage. So 45 minutes later I arrive at the airport to find the little mart I left my bag in had shut. Luckily my taxi driver spoke good enough english so I was able to talk to security who had taken my bag into lost property. Crisis averted. Back to the resort it is, at 3:00am, for my first nights sleep in Phuket, Thailand. Phew.


34 degrees C - 95% humidity. It was far too hot to be wearing trackpants.

Sawaddi Patong Resort Hotel



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This place is awesome! Big central pool with bar. Friendly staff and through Contiki, it was really good value. You might find if you book separately, it could be considered pricy for the region.

Patong Nightlife



The nightlife here is unbelieveable. If you stay in Patong, make sure you stay near the towns main stretch, Soi Bangla. This is where most of the magic happens. Clubs left and right, street dealers selling anything from cigarettes for 150 baht (about $4.50 NZD) to remote controlled helicopters and toys. Not to mention the tasty streetfood, if you're feeling adventurous. I'll go more in depth with each club we visited below.

Tiger Entertainment Discotheque



Otherwise known as Tiger Bar or just Tiger. This place is a multistory nightclub with dancers, cheap booze and an awesome atmosphere. This was my favourite club in Patong. As soon as you enter, you'll see where it got its name. A giant tiger with laserbeams shooting out of its mouth in time to hard house is a sight to behold.

9/10 - Excellent

White Room



Down the end of a long string of bars off Patongs main road, Soi Bangla lies the White Room. A relatively small club with a huge atmosphere. Cheap buckets and cocktails, great music and friendly people (from what I experienced).

7/10 - Good

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