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Book your Kashmir Holiday Package and discover Hypnotic lakes, snow-capped Mountains, magnificent meadows and alpine scenery. Important pilgrimage sites form the major locations of J&K, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.
Red Apples, Red Cheeks, Ruby Weather, heart throbbing scenery are the key features of Kashmir. Kashmir the Real Paradise on Earth that prevails in the benign valley of Kashmir often dishearten those with humble hearts. Kashmir gives you millions of reasons to celebrate its existence. A picture perfect scene with snow clad mountains, sparkling lakes with sailing shikaras. A tuft of colorful tulips and steady houseboats inflate lungs of the onlookers. The Northwestern province of the Indian subcontinent renders the opportunity to experience the onrush of scenery closely. Keep Calm and enjoy the flawless beauty. The Valley renders opportunities to experience nature’s best. From splendid Srinagar to isolated Gurez valley. Travel to cherish the impeccable natural beauty, where inhabits a gentle race of people.
Experience the Authentic Valley dominated largely by long stretches of Scenic Mountains, the Valley covers an area of 224,739 sq km. The Great Himalayan range separates Kashmir from Ladakh, whereas the PirPanjal range confines it as a valley by drawing a border and separating it from the northern plains, therefore expect serene, scenic and sensual landscape that nurture Valley's an ideal destination for Kashmir Holiday Packages. Green Kashmir Travels are highly recommended travel agents for customizing Kashmir Holiday Packages Kashmir Tour Packages . We organize trekking for Kashmir Great Lakes Trek and Provide tour to Off Beat Destinations in Kashmir . We provide Kashmir Car Rental services across Kashmir.

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eKashmir Tourism is one of the leading Kashmir holidays, tour and travel packages operator in India. It is a travel agency, which gives the best tailor-made kashmir tourism packages for trips to anywhere in Kashmir, To the desire of the customer, and at the most reasonable prices possible. It Provides luxury & budget Kashmir travel packages for individuals, groups and couples. We arrange Kashmir tour package from all major cities in India. Visit for more details.

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Esikkim Tourism travel portal offers best travel deals and Sikkim Tourism Packages to people who are willing have a wonderful experience while travelling to North. Allow us to manage your tour in Sikkim and let you experience the unexplored beauty of Sikkim. Visit for more details.

Andaman Travel Agent

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Andaman is comprises of two part North and Middle Andaman. It has covered with many sightseeing destination in port blair and Islands. It is a delightful place for outing and people at Andaman are very welcoming and helping. Destinations like portblair are very famous and always filled with the lines of tourists every year for andaman tour packages. Never get off without exploring the below places:
Port blair: A multicultural town offering a lot to discover and many local sightseeing places like Chatham Saw Mill, Samudrika Museum are very welcoming and informative place with spices of history. It is a complete joy destination for tourists who spend their quality time from the hustle and bustle of the city. Now book Port Blair Tour Packages
Neil Island: This serene place has everything, Beautiful Trees addressed at the shore, Calm Beaches , clean water and white sand etc are the characteristics of this place. It has welcoming coral reefs and a thrilling adventurous experience of snorkeling with rich wildlife. This place offers you an escape from the crowd.
Havelock Island: The most popular island yet so beautiful and most visited island by the tourists. The turquoise blue water with mahua trees makes this place more beautiful and wanted. A picture perfect place for couples and family with long treks and fascinating backwaters engages an adventure activity of scuba diving. Now book Havelock Tour Packages

Andaman Tour Packages

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Today, our lives have become so monotonous that everybody is busy doing their daily jobs, but we must take out time for our self and visit this beautiful place. Andaman Island is far from the anarchism of exasperating city life. Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a group of small islands which are located in Southeast Asia. This Island is situated in the Bay of Bengal adjoining the Indian Ocean. Cheap and Best Andaman Tour Packages

Indulge into Ayurveda and Feel the Spirit of Liveliness

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Ayurveda makes way for the soul of a person when he or she decides to lead their life according to it and Kerala is a destination where most of the inhabitants follow this traditional system of medicine. The one who has been through this art of living gets to cleanse their body where the toxins are removed and a healthy lifestyle is maintained. There are a number of reasons to why people often choose this traditional way than the conventional way of treating diseases. Certain people still use this ancient science in their daily life as it promises wellness. The flaws in the lifestyle of the present generation can hence be removed by making Ayurveda a part of their life. Rejuvenation throughout it is available in the Rejuvenating  Kerala Ayurveda Packages where the holistic wellness of body is aimed at changing the manner of living. Innumerable factors are to be inculcated in order to bring a change to the human nature. The basic of all is the given factors.

Yoga: the bliss through Ayurveda.
Yoga and Meditation are two major components of Ayurveda that helps in increasing the speed of recovery through it. On a usual basis, Ayurveda takes an elongated period of time for healing. But on making Yoga a habit, the people can increase their energy level along with enhancing flexibility and strength. Physical fitness helps in making Ayurveda more effective on the people. Regular practice of breathing exercises which is known as Pranayama in yoga context adds to the fast recovery where it supports the body in internal upliftment which is also equally important. Most of the Ayurveda centers have instructors who are experts in getting the patients to do the varied types of yoga as per the requirements of their body.

Eat right to heal faster.
What one consumes during Ayurveda treatment is also a major factor that determines the speed of recovery. As far as the science of Ayurveda is concerned, the studies done in the research centers of Kerala shows that a good percentage of diseases are formed through the eating habits of people which is often referred to the intake of junk food. The digestion process is slow and this, in turn, makes the food in the body toxic. The first requirement of Ayurveda is to detox the body off all the waste by consuming enough water, fruits, and vegetables. The Ayurveda centers in Kerala produce the food for consumption in by themselves in order to provide the people with organic food without any chemicals. Leafy vegetables and root vegetables are often recommended for consumption along with intake of water by most of the centers. Through the word 'diet', Ayurveda insists the patients consume enough of food required in a healthy manner than skipping their meals. No ingestion of non-vegetarian food like meat is entertained as it reduces the effectiveness of Ayurveda. Fermented drinks, alcohol, smoking, and intake of drugs is considered life-killing acts and reduce the effectiveness of Ayurveda.

For most of the treatments in Ayurveda, the wellness of body and mind is necessary as it that is when constructive healing is done to the person. The step by step method of detoxifying the body and becoming fit not only helps in healing the health problems but also has a long-term benefit of continuing it. Kerala has become the destination where people flow into taking the services of Ayurveda were along with it, the aura of the patients are cleansed to make them feel more positive towards Ayurveda. Only a person who can bring about changes in their lifestyle can adapt to this science of Ayurveda

Explore Some Amazing Locations in Kerala

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Every individual has a wish to make adventure trip hidden deep inside him. You just have to loosen a bit and get ready to treat yourself to the enthusiastic activities that bring about the adrenaline rush that you have been steering clear of. Kerala is a blessed state with such captivating topography that fosters the demands of its admirers at any corner of this state. Most audacious activities in Kerala are awaiting you at the towering heights of hilly mountains. The Best Kerala honeymoon tour packages bring you to these favorite and leisure pursuits. Have you already been to the northern states of India? After holidaying at the northern ranges of Himalayas, one would only like the magical valleys and Ghats of Kerala. In fact, the place is so encouraging, that you will be eager to step on the rocky stones. You are deemed to find some amusing waterfalls that emerge from nowhere. Come to these breath taking hills and trail the path to find more mystifying traits.

Enjoy the Popular Adventure Activities During Andaman Tour

Andaman Tour Travel


Andaman, one of the stunning and famous tourist destination in India. The gorgeous white sand beaches are the main attractions of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Do you know the types of adventure activities that you can enjoy during an Andaman trip? Its beauty is just beyond words, and it offers various water sports include parasailing, snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing, Banana boat ride, under sea walking, speed boating, jet skiing, angling, ride with sea plane and glass bottom boating. These activities are an offer by Andaman tourism department and it’s a part of the Great Andaman tour package from Chennai. The beaches offer various festivals also. Subhash Mela and island tourism festivals are few of them.
Some of the amazing activities that you can do in your Andaman trip are

  • Snorkeling at Havelock Island
  • Island Camping
  • Enjoy Adventures at Andaman Water Sports Complex
  • Wildlife Safari

A Tour to Delhi, Agra Jaipur – Heritage, Culture and Beauty Combined into a Single Journey

Catherine Melissa


I am Catherine Melissa from Philippines. Last year, my friend best friend Priyanka got married. And how could I not be there with her! So this was my first tryst with India. She lives in Uttar Pradesh. Since I had planned some sightseeing tour to India, one of the travel agencies suggested me to book Golden Triangle package. I liked the idea and after the wedding ceremony, the tour started. I was on my own (I like it that way). And here's how I managed to collect some beautiful memories.

Day 01 – Arrival in Delhi

Just as all of the triangle tours, mine too started with arrival in Delhi. I would recommend you to find out more about golden triangle tour packages and book one that fits into your plan. You can also customize it according to your own convenience. Well, upon arrival, I had a meeting to assist at the airport. From here, I was transported to the hotel.

The dinner was served in the hotel. After a nice Indian dinner, it was time for me to sleep tight. After all I needed to gather energy to be able to enjoy a sightseeing tour of Delhi the following day!

Day 02 – Delhi Tour

A palatable breakfast was served by the hotel after which I proceeded for sightseeing tour of Old & New Delhi. I had read a lot about the capital city of India and its role during the freedom movement of the country. This increased my interest in the city even more. Old Delhi is a beautiful place. I would like to say a special 'thank you' to the golden triangle tour providers for that amazing tonga ride through the streets of old Delhi. It was a 'wow' experience. And yes, how could I not mention the culinary tour of the place? The street food here is irresistible! I visited the Chandni Chowk market, Jama Masjid, and Raj Ghat, the memorial site where Mahatma Gandhi.

Now the New Delhi tour! This is an advanced version of old Delhi. Very modern, very chic and very sophisticated! I had memorable visits to the famous places here, including Humayun’s Tomb, the Qutub Minar, and a memorable drive along Rajpath, the ceremonial avenue. Other sites I enjoyed visiting include the towering India Gate, Parliament House, and the President’s Residence. After buffet at a 5 star hotel, I returned to my room. The comfortable setting and tiredness of the day rocked me to sleep as I lay myself off that soft bed!

Day 03 - Agra

After early morning tea, it was time for pick up from hotel and transfer to the railway station. I boarded the superfast air-conditioned train to Agra. A nice fresh and hot breakfast was served in the train. The arrival in Agra was on time. The driver was a nice experienced chap who transferred me to the hotel on time and made sure I was comfortable all through the way.

After relaxing for some time, I set out for a visit to the most beautiful monument of India, the magnificent Taj Mahal. Also referred to as one of the seven wonders of the world, this amazing monument is a must visit for all Indian tourists. The guide was patient enough to answer all of my queries regarding the monument. I was literally touched by the love story of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz. This beauty stands tall on the banks of the river Yamuna and mesmerises all of its visitors. I didn't get tired clicking pictures of this architectural marvel.

I also visited the famous Diwan-I-Am (hall of public audience) and Diwan-I-Khas (hall of private audience). After piping hot, delectable dinner it was time to return to the hotel and sleep tight. The sights of Taj Mahal kept haunting me in my dreams.

Day 04 – Jaipur

Early morning after breakfast, I was ready for a drive to Jaipur. The entire journey took around 5 hours. On the way, the cab stopped for an en route visit to Fatehpur Sikri. This city is listed among the World Heritage Sites and ranks among the most visited spots in India. The guide explained me about the bright history of Mughal empire and the way it played a place of paramount importance during that time. Fatehpur Sikri fort complex comprises of some of the crucial sites to visit including the Buland Darwaza, Fatehpur Sikri Fort, Tomb of Salim Chishti, and the Panch Mahal. I must say that all of these places are architectural marvels of that era. I took pictures of the exceptionally beautiful paintings on the main fort structure.

Buland Darwaza is the highest in the world and its magnanimous size was a treat to the eyes. There are around100-150 stairs. Akbar built a fort here. The marble art of Salim Chisti Dargah was done by Jehangir. The Dargah of Salim Chisti was the best thing after Buland Darwaza. One can pray and tie a knot to make a wish here. It is said that Akbar also wished for a child here got it fulfilled. Even today people make wishes here.

After Fatehpur Sikri, I continue the drive to Jaipur. Upon arrival in Jaipur, I was transported to the hotel. In the evening I did some shopping in the local market and returned to the hotel after dinner.

Day 05 - Jaipur

After a nice Indian breakfast, I resumed my tour of Jaipur. So it was time for me to visit the grand Amber Fort. The guide (he was good at his job and English) showed us the entire fort with detailed explanation. This fort is also known as Amer and is quite a popular tourist attraction in Jaipur. Situated at 11 km from Jaipur, it was constructed by Raja Man Singh I. A huge place with a lot of things to see, I personally liked the Sheesh Mahal. It is a mirror palace within the fort designed in a way that it artificially creates a cool climate as the wind blows over the cascades of water.

There is a temple of Sila Devi inside the fort, which is very close to Ganesh Gate. According to our guide, it has an interesting story behind it. The guide informed us that head of Sila Devi is now not straight. The reason behind this is that she got angry as no human males are sacrificed in the palace, which earlier used to be the ritual. Roaming around the fort is an enjoyable act. I had a great time. Mounted on a caparisoned elephant at the foot of the hill, the slow yet steady climb up to the main gate was amazing.

It was time to visit the famous City Palace. After having lunch, we visited City Palace. The major part of this palace is now converted to ‘Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum’. A huge dress of this king is displayed in the museum. He was the 10th King of Jaipur. The beautiful palace is very intricately carved. One of the interesting facts about the king is that he used to drink water brought only from holy Ganga. Special vessels made from silver were used to store and serve water. These vessels are displayed in the palace and recorded in the Guinness Book of World record for being the largest silver vessels in the world. City Palace is also home to a nice dancing area. This is where professional dancers used to perform for the king.

After finishing the visit to City Palace, it was time to move to Hawa Mahal located just on the main road. Also known as “Palace of the Winds”, it is incredibly beautiful! A visit to the open air Jantar Mantar Observatory followed the visit to Hawa Mahal. Watching the vast astronomical instruments here is a unique experience on its own.

In the evening, I visited the Johri Bazaar and local markets of Jaipur. Shopping in Jaipur is fun! After dinner, I returned to the hotel.

Day 06 – Adieu India

After breakfast, I left the hotel for airport for onward flight to Delhi.

What an amazing and memorable tour it was! Enjoyed it thoroughly!