Georgia Trips

2 weeks in Georgia



We arrived at Mestia from tbilisi. We took a train to zugdidi and from there we took a martrushka (local small transit) to mestia. there is also an option to take a martrushka straight from tbilisi but this is a 9 hours drive in a non comfortable transit. The best way is we heard is to take a flight from tbilisi to mestia, the thing is there are not much flights and you have to book in advance.

Mestia is a very pretty little town in a valley surrounded by pretty snowy mountains. From mestie we started a 3 days hike towards ushuguly.

The hike mostly runs threw easy traced routs but there are some parts of the hike that route can be a little tricky and you can get lost so it is advisable to take a map and a good road-story.

During the hike you go threw a few small villages where you can sleep in family guesthouses.

This trek was one of the most beautiful ones we had ever done. the spectacular views of the surrounding snowy mountains, the amazing autumn colors of the trees, and the interesting small villages all the way, all made it a special and defiantly worth while experience.