Ecuador Trips

Three Months in South America, Part III

Li-Or Amir


This is the third at last part of my trip to South America.

I almost missed my ride to the Peru-Ecuador border. A taxi from San Ignacio drove me to the border which was in La Balsa (or La Balza according to Google maps). In the passport control office I interrupted the Peruvian inspector while he was talking to friends. He led me to his office, where his wife sat on a beach chair with short clothes, and his daughter was playing on his computer. He sent me to the police station. All the cops were in the middle of a football game on a field in front of the building. Inside the building, in an open living room, I found a policeman on duty. He rose from his bed, put on his uniform and signed my passport. All very lazily - I guess passing tourists here disrupts their daily routine. 

I ran with my backpack on the bridge, which ended with a foreign flag - not the Peruvian red-white-red as I was used to. The hour was 5:30 pm, and I knew the last bus to Ecuador should leave any moment - if in Ecuador they're more accurate. Indeed, all the passengers were already on this bus/truck, and they were stalled by me. I had to sign again at the police, stating in front of a "doctor" that I don't have any kind of flu, and changed the rest of the Peruvian money to American Dollars, with a very bad exchange rate (as if I had a choice) with some old lady in the grocery shop.

Sweaty, from all this running around, I got up to the bus and we left.