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  • Food | Portugal
    Updated at May 7,2015

    MAFFA Restaurant:Rua da Sota nº 44, behind Hotel Astória.

    Typical Poruguese cuisine. Budget prices. Generous portions. Polite and personal service. Menu of the day is 6.50€: Soup + main dish (meat + 2 side dishes), drink and café.

  • Food | Portugal
    Updated at Aug 17,2014

    Lisbon - Parque das Nações (Park of the Nations) - Orizon Restaurant:

    This is the place for meat lovers but they have an extensive seafood menu as well. The concept of Buffet, reasonable prices, plenty of option with types of meat or seafood and saces, and, above all - tranquile scenery of the ocean (come at sunset time !) is an obvious advantage. Still. there are even more budget restaurants around...

  • Food | Portugal
    Updated at Aug 17,2014

    Restaurante Chimarrão Expo - Parque das Nações, Alameda dos Oceanos: One of the best grill restaurants in Lisbon.There are several types of meat that have come in to the dish. A lot of willpower is needed to say, "Enough!". To accompany always falls well a caipirinha or cold beer. It is impossible to have a conversation for more than 10 min with someone without that we are interrupted by the employee who asks us if we want more meat, despite the fact that we already have five different types piled on the plate. All in a fixed price - according to the number and type of meats ordered in advance. They have a complex way of billing their clients. Be careful and double-check your bill. "Close" the final bill amount with the waiter who took the order and call him - in case of hiking the price by the the cashier (usually, with non-Portuguese-speaking tourists).