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  • Food | Morocco > Rabat
    Updated at Jun 9,2013

    Breakfast in Morocco usually includes dough, additional dough, and for desert a little bit of dough. Breads, Malawi, Mufleta plus gem, honey, a glass of sweet orange juice and a very sweet tea.

  • Food | Morocco > Rabat
    Updated at Jun 4,2013

    Recommended place:

    • Dar Nagi
    • Medina - face fontaines bab el had
  • Food | Morocco
    Updated at Jun 9,2013

    Personally, I wasn't too excited by the Moroccan food. The food isn't hot as I expected, with little or no spices.

    The main dish served is Tajine - fish or chicken served in a clay pot - and it can be found in every restaurant - whether it's small or fancy - in the cities, or on the sidewalks. Another famous dish is the Couscous, served with vegetables and fish- usually fried.

    In addition, there are many dough based food like Meloui (, tasty Sfinge and other kinds of sweets, and tea referred to as Moroccan whiskey. The tea is served with a lot of sugar - I usually asked for the sugar on the side.

    In the markets, you can find many kind of dates, olives, the famous argan oil, spices, and delicious oranges!