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  • Nature | Montenegro > Biogradska Gora National Park
    Updated at Jun 11,2013

    Day 4 – Snowy Mountain with Biogradska Lake at its feet

    In the morning we drove to Biogradska Lake in the rain and fog. There were no guards or rangers at the entrance to the nature reserve. We took some pictures with the view of the beautiful lake, and continued in the pouring rain to Žabljak.

  • Nature | Montenegro > Skadar Lake National Park
    Updated at Jun 23,2013

    When we got to Rijeka Cernovica we saw a map on a sign that uncovered the fact that this is the famous Skader Lake which stretches all the way to that point. Fortunately, on the road we drove here the traffic was light as so we could stop as we pleased, admire the view and take pictures.

  • Nature | Montenegro > Perast
    Updated at Jun 11,2013

    First we were acquainted with the amazing Bay of Kotor, with its two islands – “Our Lady of the Reef” and “Saint George” – which appeared to come closer and closer. The closest view is from Perast, so we sat down for a cup of cappuccino and gazed at the bay and the islands. 

  • Nature | Montenegro > Black Lake
    Updated at Jul 2,2013

    We admired the beautiful Crno Lake (black lake), but couldn’t drive around it like we had planned on account of the rain. We had lunch in a local restaurant on the lake’s shores. It was delicious and also inexpensive. When we finished we headed for the lake again, and for a moment the skies cleared and we could see the snowy peaks of the mountain across the lake. An Israeli tour guide we met in the restaurant told us that the road to Trsa is closed because of the snow, so we had to cancel our visit to Piva Canyon. 

  • Nature | Croatia > Krka
    Updated at Jul 10,2013

    We continued circling the reserve and came by a bridge which offered a spectacular view, and the park ranger guided us according to the map how to proceed with the drive inside the reserve. Eventually we reached the Roski Slap Waterfall, which is less impressive, but the road leading to it is beautiful. 

  • Nature | Slovenia > Bohinjska Bela
    Updated at Jun 22,2013

    We returned to Bohinjska Bela and walked to the far side of town for a view of the cliffs and the waterfall. The waterfall there was only a weak stream in the waterfall, but the cliffs were very beautiful, with a mountain climber hanging from them.

  • Nature | Slovenia > Vogel
    Updated at Jun 22,2013

    We reached the top of Vogel Mountain with a gondola lift, which cost €13 per person. The gondola was spacious and the view of the Lake from above was spectacular. The sun was rising and the mountains around us were snowy. We sat down for a cappuccino and admired the view. 

  • Nature | Slovenia > Mostnica
    Updated at Jun 22,2013

    After descending from the mountain we ate a sandwich and drove to Mostnica Canyon – we walked for half an hour to the bridge and there we saw a lovely canyon, in it hiding an intense green colored river which fit together beautifully with the green vegetation. Near the parking spot, on a wide meadow in front of the snowy mountains, the cows were resting from the pasture. 

  • Nature | Italy > Laghi di Fusine
    Updated at Jul 10,2013

    Day 16 – A short detour to Italy

    Being so close to Italy, we decided to spend one day in the country. First we drove to Lago di Fusine, a turquoise and green lake with a snowy mountain in the background, with ducks swimming around, it was a truly lovely sight. 

  • Nature | Austria > Wörthersee
    Updated at Jun 22,2013

    In the first gas station we bought a sticker for the roads. We looked for the first lake and missed it. Then we saw a lake that paled in comparison to the lakes we saw in Italy and Slovenia. We were not thrilled with the city of Villach, and moved on to Worthersee Lake. We drove around a long time but couldn’t find a place with a good view. Eventually we found one and stopped and had a cappuccino.