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  • Citywalk | Croatia > Opatija > Rovinj
    Updated at Jul 10,2013

    After lunch we skipped with the car to a parking lot closer to the old city and conquered it within 2 hours of walking. Carrera pedestrian mall, the market, the promenade, we loved it all. From there we continued in the direction of Poreč. On our way out from the city we got a bit lost after receiving the wrong directions. 

  • Citywalk | Croatia > Poreč
    Updated at Jul 10,2013

    On the way we took a turn through a tunnel called Limska Draga fjord. It didn't look like a fjord and after seeing the fjord formed by the Krka River we were disappointed. Poreč is located, like Rovinj, on a tongue of land inside a bay, but it’s less picturesque than Rovinj. We strolled in the narrow streets of the old city, and bought a handmade copper plate for a souvenier. 

  • Citywalk | Slovenia > Ljubljana
    Updated at Jun 22,2013

    We continued to Kranj, and encountered some construction works along the way and had trouble finding a parking spot. We continued to Ljubljana, and I fell in love with the city at first sight. It was freezing cold outside with chilly winds. Not far from the university we entered a student’s café where I sipped some warm soup and a cappuccino. When we went outside again it was less chilly. 

  • Citywalk | Croatia > Dubrovnik
    Updated at Jun 11,2013

    After a sweet nap we went to conquer the old city of Cavtat, which isn’t big but very lovely. When we saw that we have the strength we drove to Dubrovnik, and we could see the city’s beauty even from a distance. The plateau we arrived from was higher than the old city, which is easier to travel. When we saw all the stairs we will need to go down in – and later go up – we turned around and headed back to Cavtat, for a fish dinner on the water, with a view of the sunset.

  • Citywalk | Croatia > Mali Ston
    Updated at Jul 2,2013

    We strolled around in the alleys of Stone and Mali Stone, and I wasn’t too impressed. We were too tired to climb the wall. We planned to take a cruise to Mljet island that day, but the cloudy weather, a two hour wait till the ferry arrived, and the fact that we hadn't booked a place for the night on the island led us, with much regret, to change our plans and to head on to Split. We admired the view along the shores and the view of each and every bay and inlet. On the way we passed by a beautiful nature reserve with lakes and islands named Baćinska jezera.

  • Citywalk | Croatia > Split
    Updated at Jul 10,2013

    The Diocletian's Palace offered an impressive welcoming. We strolled the main pedestrian mall, entered an underground pathway with shopping carts selling glass souvenirs and more. We turned in the direction of the market and bought some magnets for our collection and knitted pillows with a pattern of lavender leaves, then we went back through the beautiful, narrow streets to the pedestrian mall and had a delicious pizza and salad for lunch. We were deeply impressed by the beauty of the city. Beside Dubrovnik, it was the most beautiful city we had ever seen.

  • Citywalk | Croatia > Opatija
    Updated at Jul 10,2013

    Day 12 – A flat in a villa on the water

    We returned from Lovran to Opatija and this time there was plenty of parking. We parked the car near the promenade and continued on foot in the direction of Villa Angelina. On the way we took pictures of the statue of the woman with a dove in her hand, and admired the building of Hotel Kvarner. Eventually we got to Vila Angelina and we were much disappointed – no flowers and the seedlings have yet to be planted. The gardeners were working hard and we had to settle for a statue of a piano player and some old trees. Some organized groups were arriving, and that was our cue to leave. 

  • Citywalk | Austria > Klagenfurt
    Updated at Jun 22,2013

    Around noon we reached Maria Worth, where we stopped, strolled around and had lunch. We continued to the beautiful city of Klagenfurt, where we visited 21 years ago with the girls when they were little. I remembered how to get to the dragon statue near the town’s hall. We recalled the route we took back then, only this time we stretched the visit a little longer, admiring the beautiful architecture of the buildings. Every building is like a work of art. We stopped at an excellent bakery shop for a birthday cake with blueberry and cheese, and licked the plates clean. 

  • Citywalk | Croatia > Dubrovnik
    Updated at Jul 2,2013

    Day 6 – Spending the night at Adrian and Lucia’s

    We had breakfast on the balcony with the view and left at 8:00 to Dubrovnik. It was early so we managed to find a parking space in the lower level of the city. The moment we got out of the car we absorbed the ambiance of the place. There was a man playing an instrument, another man performing his mime act, and lots of tourists everywhere. Later in the evening we learned actor, Roger Moore was in town, so maybe that was the reason for the public gathering. We were enchanted by the walls of the city.