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  • Health | Japan > Tokyo > Takaido Station
    Updated at May 22,2013

    Time for something relaxing - Onsen. An Onsen is a Japanese traditional public bathing which is believed to have relaxing and healing power. Traditionally men and women bathed together at the Onsen but nowadays it is usually same-sex bathing. If you are wondering - no cloth or bathing suits are allowed while in the Onsen – and as a Gaijin (non-Japanese) between many naked Japanese you can find this a very strange experience… also if you have tattoos you should cover them with bandages before entering because tattoos in Japan are seen as a sign of criminality and are associated with the Yakuza.

    I discovered this great and cheap Onsen in Tokyo – you need to take a train from Shibuya station to Takaido station. Once you exit Takaido station take a left and keep going strait just before a big supermarket you will find an entrance to the NAF wellness club where the Onsen is located ( If you never been to an Onsen you have to come here. This Onsen has several different baths, indoor and outdoor with waters of different temperatures.