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  • Kids | Germany > Plön > Göppinger Schloss
    Updated at May 22,2013

    Don't miss the Schloss Gartens (Castle Gardens). Allow 1-2 hours for relaxing in the wonderful marshes...

  • Kids | Germany > Triberg Waterfalls, Triberg, Germany
    Updated at May 22,2013

    There is a local attraction called “Forest Fun”, which is a high-rope park. It’s a bit scary, but the kids loved it ( The address is Gartenstraße 5, 78136, Schonach.

  • Kids | Germany > St Blasien
    Updated at May 22,2013

    You can rent bicycles and travel the surrounding area, or take a coach ride if you don’t feel like paddling.

  • Kids | Germany > Sankt Blasien
    Updated at May 22,2013

    You can rent bicycles and travel the surrounding area, or take a coach ride if you don’t feel like paddling.

  • Kids | Germany > Titisee, Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald, Germany
    Updated at May 22,2013

    We rented a paddle boat and spent some time in the lake. You can also take a pleasure cruise, or rent other types of boats. Another fun activity includes renting some bicycles and touring some of the bike trails in the area.

  • Kids | Germany > Vogelpark Steinen
    Updated at May 22,2013

    The park is located in a pastoral landscape, between the towns of Steinen-Schlächtenhaus-Hofen and Steinen-Weitenau. The park is considered one of the best birds parks in Germany, and features, besides birds, also monkeys, kangaroos and other animals.
    Every day on 11:00 and 15:00 there is a live show of eagles, hawks and owls by the entrance (40 minutes), and on 12:00 and 16:00 the kids can feed the animals with free bananas and peanuts distributed by the park workers. The park is open daily between 10:00 and 18:00

    A ticket for and adult is 12€, and the price for a kid is 6€ (if you have a black forest card – entrance is free!).

  • Kids | Germany > Grube Wenzel, Frohnbach, Oberwolfach, Germany
    Updated at May 22,2013

    Grube Wenzel is and old silver mine, now functioning as a visitor mine. A guide will take you down the mine for a distance of almost 1,000 meters, and explain how the mine operated when it was open. Each guided tour is about 75 minutes, and you get your own rubber boots and helmet…

    The price for an adult is 5€, and a ticket for a kid is 3€.

    Address: Obere rebbergstrabe 12, wolfach (

  • Kids | Germany > Freibad Aqua fun
    Updated at May 22,2013

    Another fun place for the kids was the water park in Schluchsee (Freibyrger Strasse 16). This is an adventure outdoor pool with water slides (the giant slide is a 105 meters long). You can also play beach volleyball and football, and if the weather is not that good there is also a games room and a gym.

    Adult entry fee is 4€, and kids (6-16) pay 2.7€. The park is open from May to September between 9.00 and 19.00.

  • Kids | Germany > Todtnau > Hasenhorn Rodelbahn
    Updated at May 23,2013

    Hasenhorn coaster in Todtnau ( is not far from Freiburg, and the kids will be most grateful if you’ll take them there… You go up the mountain with a ski-lift (15 minutes or so), catch the lovely view from the top – and then go down on a rail-slide as fast as you can (at least that’s how our children did it – but you can control the speed). The route is 2.9 km long, and it goes down the valley, with steep curves and loops that might make you dizzy….

  • Kids | Germany > Gutach, Germany > Park mit allen Sinnen
    Updated at May 22,2013

    We drove to the town of Guatch and stopped in Park Mit Allen Sinnen (Park with All Senses). The park is set in a natural preserve, and you walk barefoot on trails with mud, pebbles, gravel and more; the paths lead to pavilions of scent and stations where you can feel things. Afterward you can relax in a meditation cave in the middle of the forest, or bathe in a cave of colors and sounds (