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  • Accommodations | China
    Updated at Aug 15,2013

    You should book rooms in advance (China is different from India in that sense). There are numerous sites that are good for that - pagoda, hostelword,  hostelbookers etc. You can also book by phone or email and save the site commission. 

  • Accommodations | China > Litang
    Updated at Aug 15,2013

    We slept at Potala Inn. The private rooms are comfortable, dorms are less. A new place was open their under the name International youth guest house, looks good you should check it out.

  • Accommodations | China > Xiahe xian
    Updated at Aug 15,2013

    Recommended place is Tara Guesthouse - 20 Yuan for a dorm bed. 

  • Accommodations | China > Jiuzhaigou Valley, Ziyang, Sichuan, China
    Updated at Aug 15,2013

    We slept at an amazing girl named SHA HO's hostel at Jiuzhaigou Anduo Courtyard Youth Hostel. She helped us with everything. We paid 50 Yuan for a dorm bed, and outside toilets. 

  • Accommodations | China > Beijing
    Updated at Aug 15,2013

    It's highly recommended to book a room in advance. A super recommended place is the King Joy Hotel. It has dorms,  an amazing hotel! Leo Hostel, and Three Legged Frog are also recommended.  All of those hostels are in Qianman area, Beijing.