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  • General | China > Dali, Yunnan, China
    Updated at Aug 15,2013

    Fun town which has all kinds of day trips, around the lake, around the market, mountains, bike tours, etc. 

  • General | China > Chengdu, Sichuan, China
    Updated at Aug 2,2013

    The next morning we left for Chengdu. A very recommended place to stay here is Chengdu Sim's Cozy Garden Hostel, guest house on another level. The hostel is equipped and prepared for tourists. 50 Yuan for dorms. 

    Another recommended place is Chengdu Lazy Bones hostel

  • General | China
    Updated at Aug 2,2013

    Numbers- the Chinese don't count with fingers like westeren people so pay attention, and ask someone to teach you how to count in chinese so you can communicate. Sometimes the counting changes between the different districts. 

  • General | China > Shanghai
    Updated at Aug 2,2013

    Amazing city! Every second store is Prada, Gucci, skyscrapers and an NYC atmosphere. 

  • General | China > Kunming
    Updated at Aug 15,2013

    From Dali we continued to Kunming. We hoped to continue south to the rice fields, but sadly we arrived on a holiday and there wasn't any way to get out of Kunming to the areas we wanted, so we took a flight to Shanghai.

  • General | China
    Updated at Aug 15,2013

    Facebook - no access. In respected guest houses you may have a blue dove symbol on the desktop, it's a VPN software which allows you access on to Facebook. Skype isn't a problem.  

  • General | China
    Updated at Aug 15,2013

    Hello, my name is Daniel, during my travelling in Asia I spent two months in China. Below you can see my path, and all kinds of tips.

    I travelled between August and October, the weather was perfect, The chinese holidays are in this part of the year as well, so pay attention for problematic transportation and accomodation.

    I went from Beijing south east, to the Back-door area (back-door of tibet), I had planned to go to Guilin and the Yang Yang rice terrace but the busses were full so I took a flight for an amazing week in Shenghai.

    The two months cost me 2000 U.S$, 1000$ per month.

  • General | Hong Kong
    Updated at May 22,2013

    I had the chance to visit Hong Kong in the middle of a trip to China.

    What made a huge difference for me is that a close friend of mine had lived in Hong-Kong for 5 years, so I arrived with a list of things to do.

    In general, I fell in love with Hong-Kong. Compared to China it was very easy to get around and communicate, and the weather in January was a shelter from several weeks of Chinese mainland cold.