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  • Trekking | Australia > Kosciuszko National Park
    Updated at Aug 5,2013

    "This park is part of the Australian Alps, and in it you’ll find the highest mountain in Australia – Mt. Kosciusko. All around there are mountains with snowy peaks, blue lakes – some frozen - alpine flora and running streams. From the top of the mountain we descended on the “lakes trail” that took us to Albina Lake, which was still mostly frozen. Walking above the height of the tree tops on the snowy peaks, we noticed flowers blossoming between the puddles, reminding us again and again of the Scandinavian part of our trip. We walked some more, passing Club Lake, and from there on a steep road down to the Blue Lake – the biggest of the five lakes on the peak, created by the glacier that was once there. On the puddles around the lake, skiers caught one last slide before the next winter".

  • Trekking | Australia > Warrumbungle National Park
    Updated at Aug 5,2013

    "…The scenery and the formations of the volcanic rocks at the Warrumbungle National Park are very impressive. The Breadknife is wonderful, sticking out against the background view, a narrow lava formation 90 meters high. Along the trail we can see it from every angle: sideways, from above, up close and far away".

  • Trekking | Australia > Blue Mountains
    Updated at Aug 5,2013

    "…Though we only planned to spend 2-3 days in the Blue Mountains, it’s hard not to be enchanted by the wonder of the area. We have been here for three and a half days, and we are planning to stay another day at least. Lots of hiking trails that very diverse in difficulty level and scenery. Today we walked slowly, admiring the beauty, and eventually wore ourselves out on the climb up. The road back took us by Banksia bushes along the stream, ending with a waterfall. It was exhausting but extremely beautiful".

  • Trekking | Australia > Royal National Park
    Updated at Aug 5,2013

    "…The trail passes by a spectacular view of the Royal National Park - shores surrounded by cliffs. From time to time you could see the golden sand between the mountains and the ocean. We walked along the beaches, leaving footprints in the sand and skipping over the unusual rocks. We built our tent and made ourselves a delicious and satisfying dinner, with a pestering seagull joining us, demanding more and more food. After playing with the seagulls, we landed inside our sleeping bags".


  • Trekking | Australia > Cooloola Cove
    Updated at Jun 9,2013

    "… We walked along the old telegraph road of Cooloola. The path passes through the eucalyptus forest on a sandy road, and then you go inside a coastal rainforest. At night, the wind howled, and with the break of dawn it started to rain. We waited for it to stop for a bit, and continued the journey relatively late. We walked along a beach with surreal scenery of stormy sea, sandy cliffs, dead birds and lots of fog surrounding us. Eventually, the rain came back with extra power. Within seconds we caught a ride with a family of drifters that got us as far as Rainbow Beach, saving us an exhausting walk of 10 km in the rain".

  • Trekking | Australia > Wilsons Promontory National Park
    Updated at Jun 9,2013

    "…From the top of Mt. Oberon you can see a breathtaking view of the south-west side of the Wilsons Promontory National park. The rocky beaches are composed of small inlets, the sea is blue and calm, and there are many islands near the shores.

    The water is very clean and clear, with a special hue of turquoise. Giant boulders spill into the ocean between the inlets. As the evening settled in, we went to watch the sunset from Norman Bay. A spectacular view not soon to be forgotten".

  • Trekking | Australia > Fraser Island
    Updated at Aug 5,2013

    "…Fraser Island - The largest sand island in the world was discovered a couple of times, and it took a while till people realized it is an island after all… Of course, Mr. Coock didn’t pass it by, and two spots on the island are named after the nonsense he said. The walk on the sand is not easy, and after you pass the first 10 km, you definitely feel it… the winding road passes near marvelous lakes lined with white sand dunes and crosses forests with a mixture of rainforest trees, coastal flora and eucalyptuses. The beaches – sandy beaches, of course – are very beautiful and very clean. Here and there a dingo stared at us from the other side of the dunes, watching with suspicion and keeping a safe distance".