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  • Transportation | Australia > Mission Beach
    Updated at Jun 9,2013


    "When reminiscing about Australia, we have to pay our respects to the Holden, otherwise known as “The Monster”. It took us only seconds to fall in love with it – a bluish Holden HX, a bit old (1976) but well maintained (we were the third owners) and within our price range (3,000 A$). We bought it, and despite all the trouble it gave us along the way – forcing us to change part after part – we didn’t regret it, not for one second. Along the Australian part of our trip it was our home away from home. We drove thousands of kilometers together, slept inside it in places no one wants to hear about, had the nicest meals inside it, took cover from the rain, treated it like it was one of the family – and it gave us love in return, in its own way…"