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  • Sightseeing | Australia > Chillagoe
    Updated at Aug 5,2013

    "…As we moved further from the ocean and into the continent, the weather became more and more desert-like. Lots of yellow dryness, brown land, hills covered with sparse eucalyptuses and lots of termites’ nests - entire fields. Some of the nests are a meter high and more. The route changes from a paved road to a dirt road, and the driving speed is slowed down. The small village- Chillagoe - is located between charming karst caves, inside them there are shaded and partly illuminated labyrinths, big fig trees growing from within, honey and yellow colors of strange and impressive karst formations.

    In the afternoon we set out to roam the abandoned plants, once keeping the “city” alive. The sight of the lonely and leaning plants is sad and surreal. We climbed to a view-point on one of the rocks, which made absolutely clear how special the place is, particularly in the sunset. On our way back, everything was colored with a beautiful pinkish red desert shade".

  • Sightseeing | Japan > Osaka > The Instant Ramen Museum
    Updated at Nov 9,2013

    Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum in Ikeda

    What's not to love about instant noodles!  Though it is a little out of the way, it's not hard to get here.  Just make sure you take the right exit from Ikeda station.  My husband and I got a little lost in suburbia but the friendly lady at Lawson convenience store was happy to point us in the right direction.  Plus we found some pizza flavoured chips :D

    We did eventually find a sign pointing the way and it was smooth sailing from there.

    After learning a lot about ramen we made our own instant cup, one of which didn't even make it back to Australia!