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  • NightLife | Spain > Madrid
    Updated at May 22,2013

    Joy (Club) - Calle Arenal 11 (right next to Palacio) - used to be a theater and now is a club with the decor is still as it used to be. Fridays are popular.

  • NightLife | Thailand > Phuket > Patong Nightlife > Tiger Entertainment Discotheque
    Updated at May 22,2013

    Otherwise known as Tiger Bar or just Tiger. This place is a multistory nightclub with dancers, cheap booze and an awesome atmosphere. This was my favourite club in Patong. As soon as you enter, you'll see where it got its name. A giant tiger with laserbeams shooting out of its mouth in time to hard house is a sight to behold.

    9/10 - Excellent

  • NightLife | Thailand > Phuket > Patong Nightlife > White Room
    Updated at May 22,2013

    Down the end of a long string of bars off Patongs main road, Soi Bangla lies the White Room. A relatively small club with a huge atmosphere. Cheap buckets and cocktails, great music and friendly people (from what I experienced).

    7/10 - Good

  • NightLife | Ecuador > Puerto Lopez
    Updated at Jul 1,2013

    Those two french guys made me and the waitress laugh throughout dinner, from there we continued to one of the pubs spread around the beach, and drank Mojitos with our legs in the sand. On a wooden deck there were skilled Gringas who danced salsa with dark and more skilled men. 

    After it got empty, I got up to the deck and did some ballet moves, something the Ecuadorians got very curious about, and I made them try it, and of course they volunteered to teach me some Salsa steps. Vincent was shooting endlessly until we got tired. If you read between the lines you probably guessed the biggest attraction in Puerto Lopez was the people. But sill some whales....

  • NightLife | Spain > Madrid
    Updated at May 22,2013

    Bars - Near Puerta del Sol, there are 3 streets that form a triangle. When the bear in Puerta del Sol is at your back, you turn left at Calle Carera de San Jeronimo. It is paralel to Calle Alcala and go up 7 mins until you hit Plaza Canalejas. 2 streets on your right: Principe and Calle de la Cruz. Take Principe until you hit Plaza Santa Anna, and just circle it and go down and the other side to form that triangle. You'll see.

  • NightLife | Peru > Moyobamba
    Updated at Jul 1,2013

    After this weekend I went back to Moyobamba, and decided that this is it. From there I would continue to a new place. I spent the evening with  Peruvian young man whom I met during my frequent travels in the line Moyobamba-Tarapoto (if two is a lot, then three is too much), and he took me to a local rock band show in a place where the nightlife scene is a country club which was also a nightclub. When they put dance music on we danced, although people around us just drank and talked. He asked a lot about my homeland, and we were connected with other people, he told us the same stories a million times.

    Frankly, thanks to people's curiosity here, my Spanish has become very fluent. But when this guy started talking nonsense  like "we're a couple now", "stay", "I'm coming to your country" I didn't know what to say to him. 

    Sometimes it's not enough knowing a word in Spanish to explain yourself. Sometimes it's better not to explain, but to just leave. And this is what I did the next day, with great determination. 

  • NightLife | China > Chengdu, Sichuan, China
    Updated at Aug 15,2013

    Jellyfish bar ( and The Spot restaurant which are next to each other have the same owners. They are very nice, prices aren't cheap but it's worth it if you have a special occasion or the desire for a real Hamburger.  

  • NightLife | Spain > Madrid
    Updated at May 22,2013

    Sesamo (Bar)- Calle Principe 7, there is a red sign on top and you go down the stairs to a basement with a piano player and quotes of famous peoplein the walls. This is a MUST. 
    Except for that just go from one bar to the other, people outside will invite you for a chupito which is a chaser with your drink. Good Times!
    Another place is the Hawaiian bar - on Plaza Santa Anna.

  • NightLife | Tanzania, United Republic of > Zanzíbar, Tanzania > Kendwa
    Updated at May 22,2013

    With the lack of real nightlife for days, we finally attended a Zanzibar version of a full moon party which was a big disappointment. It took place in Kendwa Rocks, and people came over from all over the island. The music was mainly Swahili, so if you enjoy dancing in a crowded pack of local men (the crowd was mainly males), you might enjoy it.

    As for us, who woke up at midnight and dressed up to join the party , one pick was enough to returned to bed. The few tourists we saw there didn't do that much dancing either.

  • NightLife | Netherlands > Amsterdam, The Netherlands > Amsterdam Canals
    Updated at Jun 30,2013

    I've been to several places:

    • Jimmy Woo - A trendy bar in a touristy area (the leidseplein square), fancy sofas, must buy vodka bottle to have a seat ;) - It's not the typical dutch place.. I didn't like it too much. In this area you'll find plenty of bars (The Bourbon Whiskey bar, Jazz house, piano bar which runs shows etc..) 
    • Albert Cuyp area: in this area you'll find many local bars with neighborhood atmosphere... mostly populated by young locals, not many tourists.