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  • Health | Thailand > Ko Samui
    Updated at Jun 12,2013

    Massage - you can either do it on the beach, if you don't mind the sand and the humidity. Or you can go "downtown" where there are many options including "happy ending" options. Since we weren't for that type of massage, we found a VERY nice place just outside of the hotel. You just go out, turn right, and within a minute walk beside the supermarket on the left side, there's a very nice place. 200 Baht for an hour and you'll feel brand new. 

    At noon  we put the kids to sleep, we took turns and each of us went  for an hour of treatment. 

  • Health | Peru > Machu Picchu
    Updated at Jun 27,2013

    But with all my amazement with this wonder, it turns out there was a reason why I couldn't fall asleep the night before, and not only the fatigue itself turned my body heavy and sore. I went to the clinic at the site entrance and asked to lie down for few minutes. The doctor there told me I had a low fever and the beginning of pneumonia.  I ate to prepare my stomach for the various medicines I was prescribed, although what I wanted most of all was to throw up.  

  • Health | Japan > Tokyo > Takaido Station
    Updated at May 22,2013

    Time for something relaxing - Onsen. An Onsen is a Japanese traditional public bathing which is believed to have relaxing and healing power. Traditionally men and women bathed together at the Onsen but nowadays it is usually same-sex bathing. If you are wondering - no cloth or bathing suits are allowed while in the Onsen – and as a Gaijin (non-Japanese) between many naked Japanese you can find this a very strange experience… also if you have tattoos you should cover them with bandages before entering because tattoos in Japan are seen as a sign of criminality and are associated with the Yakuza.

    I discovered this great and cheap Onsen in Tokyo – you need to take a train from Shibuya station to Takaido station. Once you exit Takaido station take a left and keep going strait just before a big supermarket you will find an entrance to the NAF wellness club where the Onsen is located ( If you never been to an Onsen you have to come here. This Onsen has several different baths, indoor and outdoor with waters of different temperatures.

  • Health | Thailand > Ko Samui
    Updated at Jun 12,2013

    Samui's hostipal is just across the street from Sareeraya.

  • Health | India > Chithirapuram p.o ,Chithirapuram Power house , Munnar-685565 Phone: 9995804224
    Updated at Nov 3,2017