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  • Sightseeing | Germany > Lubeck > Altstadt
    Updated at May 22,2013

    The old ships have been repainted and they add vibrant colors to the whole scene around

  • Sightseeing | Germany > Lubeck > Altstadt > Holstentor
    Updated at May 22,2013

    A fortified gate with two giant towers built from 1469 until 1479. Impressive entrance to the old town with a nicely designed facade. The belfry houses the local history Museum (Museum im Holstentor).

  • Sightseeing | Germany > Kiel > Kiel Parks
    Updated at May 22,2013

    or old motifs:

  • Sightseeing | Germany > Lubeck > Altstadt > The Town Hall and Market Square - Lübecker Rathaus
    Updated at May 22,2013

    There are no superlatives in order to describe the charms of this medieval town  - its roads, churches and polite inhabitants. 

     The grandiose Town Hall and Market square is magnificient !

    The townhall in the Marktplatz on a gallery of arcades with its candle-like roofs is a masterpiece !

    Go the Breite Strasse wing to see the spectacular staircase in Dutch style.

    The rathaus has an elegant edifice decorated with black bricks:

    A smaple of the Market stalls:

  • Sightseeing | New Zealand > Haast
    Updated at May 22,2013

    After we finished with the glaciers area, going pass the Copeland track and some typical west-coast scenery, we decided to stop for a little while around Haast. The beaches around the Haast area were pretty much empty when we were there, and there are several options to go around. If beaches is indeed what you are after, I wouldn't recommend going on the Haast-Jackson Bay road since you virtually don't have any beach access until you actually reach Jackson Bay itself. Instead, opt for other places such as the beach next to Ship Creek - about 16 km north of Haast itself. As always, the Tasman sea will be absolutely freezing cold - but when did this ever stop people from running butt-naked screaming into the water? A few hours to a day should be enough to explore the Haast region including making some stops & short walks near Haast Pass, which arguably sits on one of the most spectacular stretches of road in NZ's southern island.

  • Sightseeing | Thailand > Ko Phi Phi Don
    Updated at Jun 13,2013

    Four islands half day boat tour - The island was crowded with tourist agents offering you full day or half day tours for the surrounding islands. 

    We booked a half day speed boat tour at PP Cabana (between the pier and the Cabana hotel) which started at 14:00 and ended at 18:30. The tour was fun and included the monkey island (be careful - we saw some aggressive monkeys), snorkeling in a lagoon I think called the Vikings Island and the famous Maya bay (where the movie The Beach was shot - didn't see it...). The tour ended  with us watching the sun set over Phi Phi. 

    The choice to go with a speed boat had its advantages especially when you're traveling with kids - it shortened the time between the different attractions (unlike long tail boat options) and it didn't require using kayaks when we reached the lagoon , something that was needed for tours that used a large boat. 

     The tour cost was 1100Baht ,  kids were free and it was great. Don't miss it.

  • Sightseeing | Spain > Madrid
    Updated at May 22,2013

    Plaza Cibeles - with the big Mail office. This is where Real Madrid celebrates the championships.

  • Sightseeing | Tanzania, United Republic of > Ngorongoro
    Updated at May 22,2013

    The Visit to the Buchman and toga tribes is A must. Without it one can't comprehend why Africa is so poor and faltering. Its a 3 and half hour drive in a rough and bumpy roads (each way). It is a surrealistic visit - visiting a tribe who lives in the bushes (Bushman's) joining them in their hunt. Make sure you come with high shoes and a lot of energy, these guys sure knows how to run bare foot. After 2 hours of running and zero catch we got tiered and asked to return. fortunately they finally caught a dove ,built up a fire , cooked it and ate the dove right there and then. They offered us a bite but we kindly refused.

    The next tribe we visited was the Toga – went inside their mud hats, watched them dancing for us. In every visit you'll be joined by a local guide, who knows their language and whereabouts. You are expected to give something to the people which can be old cloths or shoes, food, candies etc. Children were fascinated with pens. We just gave some money. Insist on giving it to them people directly and not to the local guide. I saw him dividing the money in 2 pockets so I am not sure what they got in the end.

    Toga's House

    Dinner, after a long day...

  • Sightseeing | Tanzania, United Republic of > Arusha
    Updated at May 22,2013

    This is mount Kiliminjaro as seen from the plain landing in Arusha. One of the things I regret the most is that we missed the trek to the mountain peak. Bad preparation I guess... We didn't know about this trek...

  • Sightseeing | Myanmar > Yangon > Shwedagon Pagoda
    Updated at May 22,2013

    Considered to be one of the most popular attractions in Burma, and one of the most known pagodas (or Stupas) in the world, the Shwedagon Paya is a site you won't want to miss.

    The golden Stupa rises to the impressive height of 100 meters, and is probably the most dominant feature of the city's skyline.

    It's recommended to visit in the evening, after sunset. There is an entry fee, but it is worth it. The pagoda is an amazing monument with a lots of gold, virtually everywhere you look. The main stupa is surrounded by a lot of small pagodas, creating a very impressive spectecal & monumental appearance. You can spend a few hours walking around the Stupa and watching the Buddhist people and monks pray and sing. Each pagoda is completely different from its neighboring pagoda, and aside from the colorful lights they put everywhere, the golden reflection is quite astonishing.