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  • General
    Updated at Jul 11,2013

    Background: 32 years ago we traveled in Scandinavia - Sweden, Finland and Norway. We promised ourselves that we would revisit Norway. Years went by and this destination was so expensive it was pushed to our unreachable dream drawer, till 2011. I booked tickets 9 months in advance, and the production started rolling. 

    As soon as they opened the booking to Hurtigruten cruises, I booked it for 4 nights, trip leaving Bergen the same day we landed at 20:00, toward Harstad

  • General | Netherlands > Amsterdam, The Netherlands > Albert Cuyp Market, Albert Cuypstraat, Oude Pijp, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Updated at Jun 27,2013

    Albert Cuyp Market is located in the Pijp neighborhood in Amsterdam. This market is the busiest day market in Holland;

    You'll be able to find a wide variety of vegetables, fruit, fish, cheese, and clothing products. There is a bit of Surinamese, Antillean, Turkish, and Moroccan atmosphere in the market, giving it and its containing neighborhood a strong multicultural feel.

  • General | Sweden > Kiruna
    Updated at Jul 11,2013

    Right after we settled and ate soup with meatloaf, we drove toward Kiruna (40 km for each direction). On the way we encountered our first surprise, in the form of 4 reindeers who were very close to us and walked in the woods.  Before we had the time to relax from the sight of the 4, another reindeer just crossed the road and turned to a dirt road. This was our second surprise. We immediately u-turned and drove to the road he went down. It was just waiting for us to shoot him, and this is what we did. 

  • General | Norway > Geiranger
    Updated at Jul 12,2013

    The next morning we woke up to a morning that was still foggy. We took our time. Every once in a while I took shots of the beautiful fjord who was slowly reappearing.  Only at 9:00 we left the camping because we allowed the fog time to clear, and it did clear. 

  • General | Norway > Lærdal
    Updated at Jul 12,2013

    We got the camping at Laerdal which is 5 mins from the port from which the ferry was leaving the day after, and we checked the routes from the camping so we wouldn't have any surprises. We also passed trough Leardal old city when we shot some houses, did some grocery shopping and closed another day. 

    The next day we rose early so we could get to the ferry on time. We were asked to be there by 8:10, and because we were too afraid we wouldn't be ready on time, on 7:00 we were set to go. To do some tour along the fjord. 

  • General
    Updated at Jul 1,2013

    After almost a month of being exposed to the California heat waves, and with remains of a motocross bike injury, I took my rescheduled flight to Peru. Twelve hours later I landed in Cusco. It was a chill morning in the beginning of June, I left the airport with a pounding heart, mainly because of the height difference I had been warned so much about. Up until Cusco high ground was less than 2000 m and suddenly I had to adjust to 3300 m. 

  • General
    Updated at Jul 13,2013

    Last September (2012) we went my girlfriend and I; to tour northern Italy for 11 days. We were trying to combine every sort of experience - meaning lakes, The Dolomites, Tuscany, Cinque Terre and all that lay between, which turned out pretty well for us in retrospect (with the price of driving "quality time"). We'll try to write the most important tips, what we liked most and what we didn't and how much we paid. So the key points before we start.

  • General | Italy
    Updated at Jul 13,2013

    GPS - Very comfortable. We brought one with us (with Italy maps of course...). Pay attention it's not taking you on dirt side roads, like it happened to us sometimes in the north.

    Communication - if it's important for you to have internet, bring your smartphone and use a local SIM. Generally, there are various deals with the local companies (Vodafonr or TIM). Bottom line, for 20 Euro we got a data package (this and this MB) and credit for local calls and text messages along with long distance calls.

  • General | Italy > Florence
    Updated at Jul 13,2013

    8th day: we don't have plenty to say on Florence, cause we toured it less than a day (we got rained on most of the time), so we recommend you read about it elsewhere.  

  • General | Italy > Lerici
    Updated at Jul 13,2013

    We can summarize Tuscany and say we left with a feeling we didn't see enough, especially in the Chianti area where we slept...