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  • Food | South Africa > Durban
    Updated at Jun 16,2013

    After that we went to an Indian restaurant at the same street where we ate some local Indian dish called Bunny Chow - half loaf of bread filled with lip-searing spicy potato with curry. 

  • Food | Croatia > Opatija > Rovinj
    Updated at Jul 10,2013

    We turned right to a parking lot and entered Kristina restaurant overlooking the beautiful view. And what did we order? Orada fish – of which we had fond memories. We received a huge plate with fish swimming in French fries. The taste and the view were both excellent.

  • Food | Slovenia > Tolmin
    Updated at Jul 10,2013

    In the information center we got directions to a nearby restaurant: “Gostlina Zatolmin”. It was a good restaurant and not too expensive. Its located in a pink building on the exit from the Tolmin Canyon.

  • Food | Slovenia > Pension Milka
    Updated at Jul 10,2013

    Just before we entered the town of Kranjska Gora, we stopped on the left side of the road for lunch in the Milka Restaurant. It’s not the best restaurant, but the balcony offers a spectacular view of the cliffs and the lake. The restaurant also operates a B&B, and the price for a room for the night is €75 – but all the rooms were taken.

  • Food | Slovenia > Stara Fužina
    Updated at Jul 10,2013

    At that point the sky grew darker and a light trickle started while we drove in the direction of Srednja Vas to Stara Fuzina, where the restaurant Mojca recommended us was located. The waitresses in the place are dressed in Slovenian outfits. We ate some delicious Slovenian cuisines and drove back to the guest house in the pouring rain and fog.

  • Food | Slovenia > Bled
    Updated at Jul 10,2013

    We drove to Bled to the Park Hotel, which was recommended by an Israeli couple that we’d met in the boat race and had a world class gibanica and cappuccino. 

  • Food | Norway > Andenes skole
    Updated at Jul 11,2013

    In order to get warm after the cruise, we went back to Andenes, to a restaurant recommended by the locals right near Andrikken Hotell, a block beside it. In the front fast food, and behind fish. We ate creamy fish soup and a great fish. The dishes are quite large and it cost 660 krone for a couple. We decided to satisfy in one dish or we'll go bankrupt by the end of the trip.  The place is called Lysthuset Sørvesten Restaurant, and more details can be found here:

  • Food | Mexico > El Panchán, Palenque, Mexico
    Updated at Aug 15,2013

    El Panchán itself is highly recommended! This place has a jungle, with a unique atmosphere. A recommended restaurant is Dom Mucho where you can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It's classy restaurant with great prices. I recommend the "milanesa de ros" - schnitzel made with meat. Pay attention - in most of the town there's no internet, and in Dom Mucho you can buy for 25 pesos/hour. Expensive but worth it for skype, whatsapp, etc. 

  • Food | United Kingdom
    Updated at Mar 13,2014

    Bentley's Lounge & Grill:

    13-15 High Street. Old Town. A few steps from Market Place. A new, clean restaurant (opened start of 2013). Bentley's food is excellent. The decor and atmosphere are respectful. The staff are polite and friendly and smartly dressed. The prices are great too. Generous portions. You get attention from the minute you step in until the minute you leave.

  • Food | Portugal
    Updated at Aug 17,2014

    Restaurante Chimarrão Expo - Parque das Nações, Alameda dos Oceanos: One of the best grill restaurants in Lisbon.There are several types of meat that have come in to the dish. A lot of willpower is needed to say, "Enough!". To accompany always falls well a caipirinha or cold beer. It is impossible to have a conversation for more than 10 min with someone without that we are interrupted by the employee who asks us if we want more meat, despite the fact that we already have five different types piled on the plate. All in a fixed price - according to the number and type of meats ordered in advance. They have a complex way of billing their clients. Be careful and double-check your bill. "Close" the final bill amount with the waiter who took the order and call him - in case of hiking the price by the the cashier (usually, with non-Portuguese-speaking tourists).