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  • General | Croatia > Trogir
    Updated at Jul 10,2013

    We continued to Trogir, wandered around the alleys and visited the impressive cathedral. We continued north, with the intent of getting closer to Šibenik and spending the night not far from Krka national park, where we planned to travel the next day. 

  • General | South Africa > Stormsrivier > Tsitsikamma Forest and Tsitsikamma National Park MPA, South Africa
    Updated at Jun 19,2013

    We walked back to the park entrance and tried to hitchhike to Nacher Valli which was supposed to be a perfect place with a really good mood, yoga lessons, sunset sails, and many other good things. 

    When we finally got the ride, we found out the way to Nacher Valli was blocked. Since our ride (a really cute old couple) continued to Knesya - our next destination - we chose to go along with them.

  • General | South Africa > Knysna
    Updated at Jun 19,2013

    The next day we wandered around Knysna and talked with many other travelers in the hostel, and they gave us plenty of information. We planned with one of the travelers to go visit the elephant and wolf park. We discovered there weren't many things to do in Knysna. 

  • General | Peru > Cusco
    Updated at Jun 27,2013

    At the airport I met an old good friend of mine. He put my backpack on his back, and led the way to the street while bargaining (in Spanish!) with a Taxi driver. Till then the only Spanish I knew came from a self-learning book, so I preferred to let the "veterans" do the bargaining. 

    The city we drove through, was the city I saw from the plane, a pile of tin and concrete, piling together in huge cubes which were about to fall, or perhaps didn't fall due to their density.

    Sewage, smog, people so gray I can't remember anything of them. Where's the beautiful city I was told about? Where is the Inca capital?

    Talking and breathing at the same time was difficult, but necessary. It's been three months since I saw my old friend, and here we meet again in one of the least likely places.  

  • General | Peru > Cajamarca
    Updated at Jun 27,2013

    The only reason I arrived in Cajamarca was because it was the closest town to my next destination - Chachapoyas, but it also turned out to be the most complex way - driving in local cars and dirt roads can take up to 24 hours... Suddenly I felt I came for nothing and wasted valuable time. But after lunch of Hamburguesa and hot chocolate (in which I mixed local chocolate Cajamarca is famous for, but it's very bitter, beware) I decided to relax and take advantage of the good here and now. 


  • General | Peru > Granja Porcon
    Updated at Jun 27,2013

    In Cajamarca I finally found peace. I could stop whenever I wanted to be a part of every picture. And of course, my Spanish improved a lot. On our last day an old couple asked me from which part of Peru I was from. You should have seen how pride I was!

  • General | Peru > Chachapoyas > Gocta Waterfalls
    Updated at Jun 27,2013

    The next morning I met Colin for a lazy morning before our roads would be separated - me to the jungles and him to Máncora, to celebrate the 4th of July, by getting dead drunk. We really connected since we had met in this delusional town, which offers jungle lite tours in the morning, and cocktail bars at night and a lot of quiet in between.

    After breakfast we lied on the lawn in the well maintained sunny plaza. Around us locals passed in midst of weekly errands, sending us curious looks.

    "Why do we have to leave?" I asked him. "We're not" he answered, but I knew it wasn't true. For me the impulse to continue and discover was stronger than my need for tranquility. And for him, 4th of July was stronger than anything, even here in Peru. At least this is what I thought. 

    At some point we decided to get up from the grass to start packing for the journey. And then came a kiss that couldn't have been a good bye kiss. He wanted me to join him on to Máncora

    This is a place I never thought I would visit - a beach town full of drugs and parties. But suddenly it sounded a bit cool - to take a pause from being alone, and divert the route I had in my head. 

  • General
    Updated at Jun 19,2013

    This is the second part of my trip. You can find all parts in my profile page:

  • General | Peru > Tarapoto, San Martin, Peru
    Updated at Jun 19,2013

    The next morning I continued to Tarapoto, a large touristic city, at least for local tourism and very odd looking Gringos, four hours drive away (beautiful and amazing drive!) in transit called here Kombi.

    This area is beautiful to die for - dense moister green, tens of shades on each other, high mountains surrounded by clouds, and brown river are winding leisurely. 

  • General | Ecuador > El Cajas National Park, Azuay, Ecuador
    Updated at Jul 1,2013

    The next morning I went to visit Cajas National Park (Cajas means boxes) which is close by, together with a couple of french teachers and a swiss lady who lived in Quito to learn Spanish.