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  • General | Peru > Chachapoyas > Gocta Waterfalls
    Updated at Jun 27,2013

    The next morning I met Colin for a lazy morning before our roads would be separated - me to the jungles and him to Máncora, to celebrate the 4th of July, by getting dead drunk. We really connected since we had met in this delusional town, which offers jungle lite tours in the morning, and cocktail bars at night and a lot of quiet in between.

    After breakfast we lied on the lawn in the well maintained sunny plaza. Around us locals passed in midst of weekly errands, sending us curious looks.

    "Why do we have to leave?" I asked him. "We're not" he answered, but I knew it wasn't true. For me the impulse to continue and discover was stronger than my need for tranquility. And for him, 4th of July was stronger than anything, even here in Peru. At least this is what I thought. 

    At some point we decided to get up from the grass to start packing for the journey. And then came a kiss that couldn't have been a good bye kiss. He wanted me to join him on to Máncora

    This is a place I never thought I would visit - a beach town full of drugs and parties. But suddenly it sounded a bit cool - to take a pause from being alone, and divert the route I had in my head. 

  • General
    Updated at Jun 19,2013

    This is the second part of my trip. You can find all parts in my profile page:

  • General | Peru > Tarapoto, San Martin, Peru
    Updated at Jun 19,2013

    The next morning I continued to Tarapoto, a large touristic city, at least for local tourism and very odd looking Gringos, four hours drive away (beautiful and amazing drive!) in transit called here Kombi.

    This area is beautiful to die for - dense moister green, tens of shades on each other, high mountains surrounded by clouds, and brown river are winding leisurely. 

  • General | Ecuador > El Cajas National Park, Azuay, Ecuador
    Updated at Jul 1,2013

    The next morning I went to visit Cajas National Park (Cajas means boxes) which is close by, together with a couple of french teachers and a swiss lady who lived in Quito to learn Spanish.

  • General | Slovenia > Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport
    Updated at Jun 22,2013

    With great sorrow we said goodbye to the town and drove back through a beautiful mountain pass, crossing the border and driving in the direction of Kranj and Ljubljana’s airport. It was a great ending to an exciting trip that was a grand celebration of nature.

  • General | Netherlands > Amsterdam, The Netherlands > Vondelpark
    Updated at Jun 27,2013

    Walking down from Anna Frank's house south to the Museumplein (a square in Amsterdam where three major museums are located: Van-Gogh, Rijcsmuseum, and Stedelijk museum) I saw the eastern entry to the big Vondelpark, one of the biggest parks in Amsterdam. It was a sunny day, and many people were having a picnic on the grass or riding their bicycles through the park roads.

  • General | Netherlands > Amsterdam, The Netherlands > Amsterdam's Secret Gardens
    Updated at Jun 27,2013

    For one weekend each year, a selection of canal houses and museums open their doors to the public and reveal the beautiful gardens hidden behind Amsterdam's brick facades. For some (mostly elderly) people it's a dream came true.. to stroll into some of the most amazing houses in one of the world's most beautiful cities and catch a glimpse of how the locals live. Well, the wealthy ones anyway.

    The open Garden Days took place from 14 to 16 June, exactly at the weekend I was there. this event is very popular, the three-day pass costs 15.00 euros.

  • General | Netherlands > Amsterdam, The Netherlands > Amsterdam Canals
    Updated at Jun 27,2013

    For 75 euros, you can get a small boat (we were 3 people and a dog) for 2-3 hours cruise, and navigate on your own through the canals and the Amstel river. It's a very pleasant way to have an Amsterdam tour, slowly, with a bottle of wine, just watch out for the big fancy boats.


  • General
    Updated at Jul 3,2013

    The ancient empire of the Inca, with its unique culture, historical monuments and sacred traditions, has long been a source of interest and fascination for people all around the world, who travel to Peru to follow with their own two feet the footsteps of the lost civilization.

    From Lima to Cusco, through the fertile heartland of the Sacred Valley, and the ultimate adventure - trekking to Machu Picchu – an action-packed trip to Peru can bring you a step closer to the secrets of the elusive Inca, and widen your cultural and historical horizons.

    Here are some suggestions regarding a trip to Peru, for those of you who, like us, are enchanted by the mystical and mysterious civilization of the Inca.

  • General | Norway > Kaupanger
    Updated at Jun 25,2013

    The next day we remembered we missed visiting the stave church at kaupanger. We visited it and it seems less impressive than what I saw in the pictures. Visit in the place cost 50 krone.

    The church was built in 1184 and well decorated from the inside. It looks like an upside down viking ship.