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  • Accommodations | South Africa > Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
    Updated at Jun 19,2013

    Eventually our driver dropped us at Ashanti Lodge & Travel Center (70 rands per night) which is in the Garden area, and turned out to be very close to a lot of stuff we wanted to see.

  • Accommodations | Peru > Ica, Ica Region, Peru
    Updated at Jun 27,2013

    We slept at Casa De Arena (, very nice hostel with a small pool and an outside kitchen that allows fixing something whenever you want. In the reception you can order a sand board tour, preferably after lunch - it's less warm and the sunset is added to the surreal view anyway. 

  • Accommodations | Slovenia > Postojna
    Updated at Jun 18,2013

    We continued in the direction of Postojna cave and settled inside a tiny apartment which cost us €40 including breakfast. The owner of the place recommended us a restaurant in the main street of Postojna. The sign said “Pizza”, but they served us all kinds of dishes. We chose a mix of meats which was good and not too expensive.

  • Accommodations | Peru > Tarapoto, San Martin, Peru
    Updated at Jul 1,2013

    The people are good, really good, and they are willing to do whatever they can to help. The TukTuk driver who took me from the messy central bus station carried my backpack all the way to the hotel, and when it turned out to be too expensive, he drove me to the next hotel on my list without asking for more money beyond the Sol and a half we agreed upon, then he even waited to see the room was OK. I felt as if he didn't expect anything, as if money didn't matter, but that the conversation, smile and gratitude was enough. 

    Eventually I stayed at Hostal Tarapoto for 30 Sols. The couple rooms ("metrimonial") were great. Avoid the rooms on the top floor which are old and frowsty without showers or toilets. 

  • Accommodations | Ecuador > Banos
    Updated at Jul 1,2013

    I stayed at Hostal Transilvania ( owned by Itay and his Ecuadorian wife Janet. The hostel is very nice and not expensive ($7 for a dorm room, toilet and shower in the room, including breakfast) and since it appeared in MiniHostels site, it attracts people from various countries. I shared a room with an Irish lady, an American lady, and an English man. 

  • Accommodations | Italy
    Updated at Jul 13,2013

    Hotels: We book most of them using Very convenient site, and we were happy working with it, and the accommodations we received.

  • Accommodations
    Updated at Mar 13,2014

    Liberty Quays - University of Kent Accommodation, Gillingham, Medway:

    Wonderful and budget place to be based for a short or long periods of staying in Kent. I stayed there 2 months. It was my base for exploring London and whole of Kent and I enjoyed it very much. During the summer - most of the students' units are vacant. Make a contact with Liberty Quays, fairly in advance, to reserve your en-suite unit or studio (single or double occupancy) in ridiculous prices. I paid around 17 GBP/night for a luxurious studio. You have a Tesco supermarket in the residences complex and attached ATM. It is 2 minutes walk to the adjacent Marina and 15-17 minutes walk to Gillingham National Rail Station. Buy a weekly Travelcard (including London zones 1-6) and make your stay in this part of the UK - a bargain. Be prepared to share your stay with hundreds of Italian youngsters who occupy the residences during July-August. My offer: reserve a unit for yourself - mainly in June. Otherwise - ask for a unit (en-suite room or studio) in the highest floor of one of their buildings. Never in a ground floor during the busy vacation months...

  • Accommodations | Russian Federation
    Updated at Aug 2,2015

    Tip 6:

    Tourist Hotel Complex "Izmailovo" (Gamma-Delta):

    Overall: VERY GOOD hotel. Located 15 km. north of Moscow centre. It takes 5 minutes to walk from this complex to the Partizanskaya Metro station (Blue line No. 3) and additional 10-15 minutes ride to Moscow Centre. The Metro station is easy-to manage (only one exit, half-empty, clean and decorative). It is a huge complex of 5 towers (Alfa, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Best-Western Plus Vega building). Gamma and Delta are connected. Every tower with 23-28 floors. There are LOTS of cafes and restaurants around. There is a wide plaza in front of the hotel which includes many restaurants and coffee shops. A 3-story mall with an array of shops and a supermarket is across the street. Our room was in the 22nd floor. Nice, modern, compact, well-equipped room with all essential amenities. Comfortable bed (better, book TWO single beds - the double one is not large enough...). Very quiet. The room is isolated and sound-proof. Good AC (you cannot monitor the temperature). Small TV with four English-speaking channels. Fantastic views from the window. Pillow menu is also available, however, we had no need to replace the ones we had. In every floor you can find filtered-water bars (fill your own bottle) or ready-to-take bottles. Ironing room available. The staff members in the lobby speak English and are VERY helpful. Expect to share the the lobby (in the mornings and evenings) with hundreds of noisy Chinese tourists. The main advantage of the Gamma-Delta complex is its Moskovskiy Restaurant. Self-service buffet served 3 times along the day. Breakfast is 500 rubles/person and lunch or dinner is 600 rubles. Reasonable (but, not cheap) rates. Very rich, well-cooked and delicious selection. The Chinese groups DO NOT use this restaurant. You can pay, separately for every meal in the restaurant entrance. You need key card to access your floor AND your room. There is a security person checking your magnetic card - every time you approach the elevators - returning to your room. The hotel lobby includes a pharmacy, souvenirs shop, a barber and other facilities. Everything is nearby. Another bonus: it is a short walk to the wonderful Izmailovo souvenirs market (allow, at least, 3 hours) and to the Izmailovo park (allow 1-2 hours) before your flight or along a rainy day). A wonderful package find !

    Tourist Hotel Complex "Izmailovo":

    Izmailovo Gamma-Delta Hotels:

    Izamailovo Vega Hotel:

    The complex is surrounded with many wooden restaurants, cafe's and other authentic eateries:

    View from Tourist Hotel Complex "Izmailovo" (Gamma-Delta), Floor 22, room 2224:

  • Accommodations | United States > New York
    Updated at May 22,2013

    Priceline is the way to go in NYC IMHO.

    We got an amazing price for a 4 stars hotel (Crown Plaza) right in times square.. and as you probably know - its all location, location, location.

  • Accommodations | Thailand > Bangkok
    Updated at Jun 12,2013

    We stayed at the Pathumwan Princess( hotel which is connected to MBK, and 5 mins walk from the Siam Center. 

    The reasoning for staying here was  if the kids  drive us crazy we can go to MBK which has AC and let them release some steam. 

    The hotel is unlike the other hotels we've been to this trip - it's very business-like with very small rooms. For the four of us it was a bit crowded with not much space in the room once we positioned the extra beds. 

    Breakfast wasn't cheap and not so tasty. We had it on the first day. The second day, we preferred Starbucks which was on the street as an alternative. 

    Overall its a nice hotel.