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  • Sightseeing | Germany > Hexenlochmühle, Furtwangen, Germany
    Updated at May 22,2013

    We came to an old wooden house, with an active water mill, spinning for the river flow. Inside the place, nicknamed “The Witch’s Hole” (fam. Karl-friedrich trenkle, hexenlochstrassa 13-14), there is a large store with lovely souvenirs like cuckoo clocks, wood artifacts, dolls, jewelry and more…

  • Sightseeing | Germany > Freiburg
    Updated at May 22,2013

    We started the morning in the visitor center in the old city hall (altes rathaus). Freiburg is and old academic city, big and beautiful, with narrow picturesque streets, water canals (Bächle), markets and pedestrian malls. It is known as "The Jewel of the Black Forest", and for a good reason…

  • Sightseeing | Germany > Freiburg
    Updated at May 22,2013

    You can visit Schwabentor and Martinstor, the two remaining old gates of the city. Martinstor is easy to find, since the local McDonald has placed its logo on the gate…

  • Sightseeing | Germany > Feldberg
    Updated at May 22,2013

    Feldberg is the highest mountain in the black forest area, rising to 1,493 meters. In the summer this is a great area for treks and hikes – most of it is part of a nature reserve, and there is a good chance you’ll see some a lot of flowers and some rare animals, like wild-chickens and deer. I recommend you’ll take the cable car up to the peak, and go down the mountain on foot.

  • Sightseeing | France > Obernai
    Updated at May 22,2013

    Don’t miss the pedestrian mall in Rue du Marche (Market street) in the center of town. In the end of the street you’ll find an old synagogue, that dates back to 1876. You can also see the local town well (“the six bucket well”), decorated in colorful flowers.

  • Sightseeing | Italy > Perugia
    Updated at Jun 6,2013

    Another nice thing you can do is a tour the Perguina factory, which is outside of the city. Pay attention, as the tours starts at scheduled hours in the morning. We didn't have time for this, so we continued to out next stop: Assisi.

  • Sightseeing | Italy > Castelluccio, Province of Perugia, Italy
    Updated at Jun 8,2013

    From Cerreto di Spoleto, we toured three destinations we were interested in seeing. The first one was Castelluccio, a tiny village which is not too interesting in it's own, but has an amazing surrounding view. The village is densely packed on a hill, and around it is a enormous valley-crater and mountains. 

    A narrow road goes between them, until suddenly all this view explodes in your face, and you don't understand where the green hills disappeared to. 

    This place is best know for how it looks during spring, where all the valley turns into a vast carpet of colorful flowers and all the surrounding mountains are green. 

    In the autumn, after the summer, the mountains are arid. The valley holds only grass and sheep. But still, the view is impressive because it is so different from the rest of Umbria.

  • Sightseeing | Italy > Cascata delle Marmore
    Updated at Jun 8,2013

    In European terms, they are huge falls. The lower cascade is very wide, and there's a walking path around it (you can get wet sometimes).

  • Sightseeing | Italy > Rome, Province of Rome, Italy > Piazza della Repubblica, Rome, Province of Rome, Italy
    Updated at Jun 6,2013

    Overall, the best food we ate in our day and half in Rome wasn't in a restaurant, but still made us feel the most Italian the the world. Where is it you ask? Here you go.

    This amazing building can be found in Piazza della Repubblica. We can't tell you why, but before Rome was an empire, it was a republic. A bit like the Greek democracy, but not entirely. 

    Right under the piazze there's a metro station (like all the places we took you). Go up the stairs, and you're in the middle of the square. In front of you, in the distance, is another busy street, and all around you are stairs.

    Italians excel in many things. One of them is sitting on the stairs of beautiful buildings to pass the time. And that's exactly what we did with bread and a small jar of mashed truffles that we had leftover from Siena.

    The best lunch. I swear.

  • Sightseeing | Peru > Cajamarca
    Updated at Jun 27,2013

    The day after I woke up at 5 am to go to the hot spring called Banos del inca. They said it was worth getting up there early so you can bathe in the cleanest water, but the locals already knew this trick, and even before sunrise the place was crowded like your local country club on weekends. People were coming and going, and the large pool was full of young people. 

    At the entrance you pay only for bathing in a cabin, and there're different levels of quality. I chose a rather expensive cabin which looked good, located between the trails and the pool, Up to the the building there were many cabins alike. The deepest bath was already full when I got in - perhaps someone already had been there in the morning. I sank neck deep into the hot clean water, and fantasized how my body was being cured from the mochila inflammation which kept attacking every time I needed to move cities.

    After I got enough of the heat I got outside and sat on the edge of the springs - steaming bubbling pools of sulfur in 70 degrees centigrade heat.  The skies got clearer, but similar to Machu Picchu the sun was delayed behind the mountains. I got back to the hostel and slept till noon. I woke up as if it was a new day.