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  • Money | Serbia > Petrovaradin Fortress
    Updated at May 23,2013

    A ticket for the 5 day festival will cost you €120, and entry to the EXIT village (camping site) is an extra €33. There is also a VIP pass for the price of €275.

  • Money | Germany > Gutach, Germany > Rodelbahn Gutach, Singersbach, Gutach, Germany
    Updated at May 23,2013

    Only five minute drive from “Park Mit Allen Sinnen”, you can visit the slides of Rodelbahn Gutach ( – and your kids will thank you for sure… This is a metal track built on the side of a hill; You get into the little car, and they pull you up the track. And then they let go…You can control your speed with the hand brake, but I don’t think our children pulled them even once… The slides are open daily from 9:00 till 18:00 in the summer season.

  • Money | Germany > Vogelpark Steinen
    Updated at May 22,2013

    A ticket for and adult is 12€, and the price for a kid is 6€ (if you have a black forest card – entrance is free!).

  • Money | Germany > Gutach, Germany > Rodelbahn Gutach, Singersbach, Gutach, Germany
    Updated at May 22,2013

    Each ride is 2€ for a child and 2.5€ for adults, and you can buy a multiple ticket of 6 rides for 9€ (kid) or 12€ (adult).

  • Money | Morocco
    Updated at Jun 9,2013

    Generally speaking, each man approaching you will eventually ask for money. Whether it's to help you find a certain place, take you to that place, answer a question... It will always be in exchange for money. Take that into account.

    Sometimes, it was hard finding the Riad we ordered for the night. It's worth giving a kid some Dirhams in exchange for finding the Riad easily, especially when walking with all the bags.

  • Money | Croatia > Krka
    Updated at Jul 10,2013

    Day 8 – The Fjord on the Krka River

    We were 35 km away from Krka nature reserve and we got there at 8:05 only to discover that the reserve only opens at 9:00. The ticket sales center didn’t give us any answers. The entry fee is 80 Kn (Croatian Kunas) per person. 

  • Money | Croatia > Plitvice Lakes National Park
    Updated at Jun 11,2013

    Day 10 – Turquoise in Lake Kozjac

    We left around 8:30 for entrance number 1 of Plitvička nature reserve. A ticket cost 110 kn per person. We bought a map for 20 kn, which contained an explanation about the route we should take. 

  • Money | Myanmar
    Updated at May 22,2013

    ATMs, credit and cash: there are no ATMs in Myanmar, and Credit cards and travelers checks are useless as well. I had to withdraw cash (dollars) before I arrived to the country. Most hotels publish their rates in dollars, and sometimes even accept dollars.

    You can exchange dollars to local currency (Kyats) in the local banks, or in the main markets and streets or with local travel agents (but its more risky). The banks offer very similar rates to the rates you'll get in the black market, so during my trip I exchanged money only in the banks.

  • Money | Spain > Barcelona
    Updated at May 23,2013

    A ticket for the entire festival will cost you €175; a ticket for 2 nights is €115; a ticket to Sonar by night is €66, and a ticket to Sonar by day is €40.

  • Money | Belgium > Werchter
    Updated at May 23,2013

    A ticket for 1 day is €80, and a ticket for the entire festival is €200.