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  • Weather
    Updated at May 22,2013

    We traveled in October, in order to avoid rain (and snow), to enjoy to autumn colors and to watch the flight of the wild geese. The drawbacks are the chilly weather, which made our picnics less enjoyable, and the fact that we missed the whale-watching season, that ends in the beginning of October (though you can still see some whales from the beach in cape Gaspe.

  • Weather | Malaysia > Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
    Updated at May 22,2013

    Kuala Lumpur’s warm equatorial climate makes year-round visiting feasible. The temperature generally hovers around 30 degrees, but it can drop after rainfall.

  • Weather | Thailand > Phuket
    Updated at Jun 12,2013

    Weather was nice - hot with sudden burst of showers. On our second day, the rain started around noon, and didn't show any signs of when it was going to stop, so we just went for the room for a nap. On other days, we just stayed at the pool while it rained. 

  • Weather
    Updated at Jun 13,2013

    Not even a single drop of rain the entire trip!