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  • Food
    Updated at Mar 6,2014

    Gilgamesh Restaurant: In the southern edge of the Camden Stables Market. On your way, along Chalk Farm Rd. from the Stables Market to the Camden Lock. Good Asian food. Looks spectacular and is designed incredibly. Nice decor. But, pricey and the service is so-so. Every extra costs a lot. Not recommended. Value for money is really disappointing.

  • Food | United Kingdom
    Updated at Mar 13,2014

    Bread Street Kitchen at One New Change Shopping Centre:

    New Gordeon Ramsey. Nice looking restaurant located in One New Change Shopping Centre opposite the St. Paul Cathedral in the City. Fab location. Gorgeous decoration: art deco mixed with modern style. Menu nice and not too big, selection of fish and steak mainly. The food arrived was delicious. Service was very good. Book !! Value for money. Bad acoustics.

  • Food | United Kingdom
    Updated at Mar 23,2014

    Central Hall Westminster or Wesley's Cafe at the Methodist Central Hall/Church:

    This café is in the basement of the Methodist Hall right opposite Westminster Abbey. Please note that conferences are held in the building and this can mean that the cafe is busy at certain times. Cafeteria style. The food and drink are VERY reasonable in price. Good food. Service is fast and efficient.  Free wifi. Modern, clean, free toilets. No Alcohol. 

  • Food | Austria
    Updated at Oct 23,2014

    Hotel Kummer Restaurant , Mariahilfer Straße 71a, 06. Mariahilf, 1060 Vienna:

    The four star Hotel Kummer is equipped with a newly refurbished restaurant.  You can choose from international dishes as well as from the traditional world famous Viennese specialties. From 11.30  till 18.00. I ate in the restaurant in a hot mid-day (very good retreat) and enjoyed the food. The service was excellent. Not cheap, but, cool and professional. They made their best for my "Gluten Free" pretensions...

  • Food | Slovakia
    Updated at May 3,2015

    Restaurant Modrá Hviezda (the Blue Star), 14 Beblaveho, Bratislava.

    From the Bratislava Castle it is 450 m. walk: the itinerary fits our route down back from the castle (see above blog) - even if the restaurant is a bit tucked away. Head south on Vodný vrch, 85 m. Slight left toward Zámocké schody, 130 m. Turn right toward Zámocké schody another 130 m. Slight left onto Zámocké schody, 85 m. Continue onto Beblavého (cobbled-stone alley sloping down), 15 m. Further east (after crossing Staromestska') is the St. Martin Cathedral.  A bit expensive in Bratislava standards - but, still, moderate and reasonable prices in European standards. Slovak, filling, delicious food with rich variety of a-la-carate offerings: (veal, rabbit, beef, boar meat, trouts, pate of duck liver, venison goulash, horseradish sauces, filling soups, local wines, distilled fruit beverages). Homely atmosphere. The restaurant space is in historical cave:

  • Food | Slovakia
    Updated at Apr 22,2015

    El Gaucho - Argentinian Steakhouse, Hviezdoslavovo námestie 13:

    The best meat in town. Fresh, high-quality locally sourced and sustainable products. Very friendly and kind service. Reasonable prices. Main dishes: 6 - 16 euros. The Argentinian touch can be found in all parts of the restaurant concept – The menu, drink and wine list and ambience. Israeli ownership. Recommended for heartily generous meal !

    Online reservation:

  • Food
    Updated at May 7,2015

    Restaurante Popular da Foz, Rua Senhora da Luz, 150, Foz do Douro:

    Price range: 8 - 20 euros/person. Traditional Portuguese cuisine with Mediterranean flavors. Homey food and service. David is very polite and empathic. Tasty. Affordable prices.

  • Food | Myanmar > Yangon > Okinawa Guest House
    Updated at May 22,2013

    There aren't many touristic restaurants in Yangon. Stopping by in a nice local tea house is a very nice experience, and a cheap one as well. Just walk around in the city center and you are bound to find a nice place you would like. Aside from drinking some tea and getting a plate to ease your stomach, visiting a tea house gives you a good opportunity to watch and observe how local urban Burmese live their lives.

  • Food | Costa Rica > Sámara
    Updated at May 22,2013

    As we moved to the west, we saw the sky become clearer and the temperature rising and rising. When we stopped for lunch, it was summer all the way, and heat fell on us like a warm thick blanket. 5 hours later we were in Samara, a small sleepy beach town by the pacific, which attracts mainly local tourists. We took a room a walking distance from the beach and went down to see the sunset. For dinner we had fried red snapper, and drank pineapple shake and beer on the long sandy strip.

    Great dinner in Samara

    A secluded beach, which a local woman recommended

  • Food | United States > New York > Shake Shack
    Updated at May 22,2013

    In a this nice restaurant  located in the park we devoured a huge hamburger, while we warmed in front of a gas stove. tasty...