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  • Accommodations | Italy > Perugia
    Updated at Jun 8,2013

    Finding our hotel, ST. ERCOLANO, was a difficult task. It's located in a street which is so narrow and small, no cellular map or GPS knew its name. Via Bovaro is the street name (google knows...)

    From Italia Piazza at the end of the historic center, you need to take the stairs down to Via Marzia, and there, another set of stairs that is named after the hotel name. Then you'll be quite close - a turn left and a turn right will take you to the right street. All this time you'll be shocked by how much little sky you can see between the buildings closing on the narrow street, one of the few in this medieval city in which car can't fit. 

    This hotel was also selected for budgetary reasons - 50 euros, without breakfast. The main advantages is its location - inside the quieter part of the historic center, a very short walk from the main avenue, and free parking in the near by street - the one that's accessible to cars. 

    The rooms are small but cozy, but if you want some privacy you should close the blinds, because the neighbors from the building across, can see everything that happens in the room. 

    The water pressure in the room is quite weak, but you can't expect more from hotels located in buildings that are hundreds of years old. 

  • Accommodations | Montenegro > Nikšić
    Updated at Jul 2,2013

    We thought about sleeping in Šavnik and from there climbing to the canyon, but we couldn’t find a place to stay and we ended up in Nikšić, where we spent the night in the excellent “Vukov Most Hotel”, paying €80 a couple for a room and a modest breakfast. 

  • Accommodations | South Africa > Warner Beach, Kingsburgh, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa > Blue Sky Mining Backpackers & Lodge
    Updated at Jun 17,2013

    We stayed at Blue Sky Mining - 70 Rand per night for each person in the tent - located in Warner Beach, a small town near Umkomaas. 

  • Accommodations | South Africa > Stormsrivier > Tube N Axe Backpackers, Stormsrivier, Eastern Cape, South Africa
    Updated at Jun 23,2013

    We got to Stormsrivier and the bus stopped at a gas station near the center of town. We got out of the bus and in front of us we saw a tourist information booth, where they ordered as the shuttle to our hostel. The shuttle arrived really quickly and was very cheap  (20 rand) and took us to Tube n exe ( where there's also a camping ground. 

  • Accommodations | South Africa > Knysna
    Updated at Jun 19,2013

    In Knysna we couldn't find any places for camping, so lodging was our best option. We arrived to Island Viba, (120 rand for dormitory). This place is really nice. 

  • Accommodations | South Africa > Mossel Bay, Western Cape, South Africa
    Updated at Jun 19,2013

    We caught the Baz Bus and drove to Mossal Bay. It stopped us at Santon Express Train Lodge ( Again we couldn't find a camping ground, but it was really cool sleeping inside a train. 

  • Accommodations | South Africa > Mossel Bay, Western Cape, South Africa > Dias Museum, Market Street, Mossel Bay, Western Cape, South Africa
    Updated at Jun 23,2013

    From the museum, we continued to a tourist information center, we took a map of the city and found a caravan park (70 rand per night). We got up and settled. The park was right on the beach, which was really nice, but when we came to enter the water we found out it  was a bit gross, so we just sat on the beach.

    We tried finding a way  to get to the Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary outside of Mossal Bay but we couldn't find any transportation arriving there, so we decided to hitchhike in the morning. 

  • Accommodations | Peru > Ollantaytambo, Cuzco Region, Peru
    Updated at Jun 27,2013

    Since we were all clueless, we decided to search for a hostel together in the town of Aguas Calientes, the town below Mahu Piccu. It's worth finding a hostel inside the town and not getting tempted by all the people jumping on you at the platform, offering places near the railway station or near the bus station from which you can grab a bus to Machu, cause usually they're expensive and not worth the money spent. 

    Our hostel was in one of the inner streets, almost vacant to our surprise, with big spacious rooms and hot showers, and cost only 15 Sols.  Sadly I don't remember it's name. 

    After some hot showers, we went bed. It was 2 AM. However, out of excitement I can't explain, I had trouble falling a sleep.  

  • Accommodations | Peru > Laguna Azul, Sauce, San Martin, Peru
    Updated at Jul 1,2013

    So why the Blue Lagoon? Because there's a lake, and when the sky is blue, it's also blue. 

    The hostel I slept in was called Lago Linda, and it was like a small resort village on the lake. The rooms were convenient, good food and nice family. The owner tied my hammock on a pagoda from which you can jump to the water, and there's nothing like swimming in water below a rainbow. 

  • Accommodations | Ecuador > Cuenca Canton
    Updated at Jul 1,2013

    The hostel I chose, Hogar Cuencano is managed by a nice Seniora named Martha. It's in the city's historic center, in the cross section of Hermano Miguel and Larga, but still far enough from the Plaza de Armas to be a bargain ($6 per a night for a very nice room; shared kitchen and toilet).