About Us

We created Tipter because we had a personal need for a better solution for trip planning and tips sharing. We believe that there is a greater need for this that is not being met by existing travel web apps.

Planning our personal trips has always been a time consuming and sometimes frustrating task. We would spend hours each evening after work digging up information online, scanning forums, talking to fellow travelers, and more, with little to show for it.

We always had the same basic questions: whether we should include a certain place in our plans, what the most efficient way to get there is, how many days we should spend there, is the place suitable for us, where we should eat nearby, and so on.

With Tipter, you can benefit from other travelers experience, and then others can benefit from your experience and plan their own trip, based on your tips. Furthermore, Tipter is the best place to share your traveling experience with friends, family, co-travelers, and the world.