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It's exactly the kind of platform I was looking for when planning my travels...

The easiest way to blog your trip!
The most advanced online travelogue today.
The easiest way to share trips with friends and family
Tipter is a fresh new way to share travel experiences, tips, itineraries, and photographs. Tipter’s unique blogging interface and search features will forever improve your trip planning experience.
With Tipter on your side, your friends and family can follow your trip online, sharing spectacular views, fascinating encounters, and unexpected moments of your journey
The best place to get the latest tips on any destination
The online travel handbook for the 21th century
Our unique Backpack feature allows you to throw the best tips into your bag and benefit from recommendations posted by people from all over the world
Unlike any other travel blog, Tipter is a social network for people from all around the world, sharing their experiences and creating the best online resource for travelers like you.